1887 A42 Kimball Album Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title A42 Kimball Champions Album (N184 supplement)
Year 1887
Size 5 3/4″ x 7 3/8″
Images Color
Type Album
Number in Set
50 (album cut cards)

A42 Kimball Champions Album Overview


The 1887 N184 Kimball Champions set was a typical 19th Century tobacco card release. Similar to the popular N28 and N29 Allen & Ginter sets and the N162 Goodwin Champions set, it included 50 cards of various types of athletes from around the world. The N184 cards aren’t as popular as those other issues, but are more difficult to find.

Kimball also developed the A42 Kimball Album as a premium to go along with the set. These albums are scarce. Collectors will also find them in various forms. Sometimes, the albums are complete. Other times, individual pages from the album will be offered for sale from albums that have been separated. In addition, cards are also cut out individually from the pages (each page contained several cards). While these do not hold the same value as the regular cards, there is certainly a market for them.

Pages were not stapled together like a traditional book today. Instead, they were bound together with a string.

Among the most popular cards are the four baseball players. None of the four were Hall of Famers, but since they were baseball players, they will always have some interest from collectors. The baseball players included are Dell Darling, Tip O’Neill, E.A. Burch, and Hardie Henderson.

Also popular with collectors is the card of rifle shooter Annie Oakley and that of pugilist/boxer Jack ‘Nonpareil’ Dempsey.

A42 Kimball Champions Checklist

Below is a full checklist of the athletes included in the album.

  1. William Beach
  2. Marve Beardsley
  3. Charles Blatt
  4. Charles Blondin
  5. Captain Boyton (Misspelled Boynton)
  6. E.A. Burch (Baseball)
  7. Patsy Cardiff
  8. Phillip Casey
  9. J.C. Cockburn
  10. Dell Darling (Baseball)
  11. Jack Dempsey
  12. Della Ferrell
  13. Clarence Freeman
  14. W.G. George
  15. Louis George
  16. George Hamilton
  17. Ed Hanlan
  18. C.H. Heins
  19. Hardie Henderson (Baseball)
  20. Thomas Humphrey
  21. J.H. Jordan
  22. Johnny Kane
  23. James McLaughlin
  24. John McPherson
  25. Joseph Morsler
  26. William Muldoon
  27. S. Muller
  28. Isaac Murphy
  29. John Murphy
  30. L.E. Myers
  31. Annie Oakley
  32. Daniel O’Leary
  33. Tip (James) O’Neill (Baseball)
  34. William Byrd Page
  35. Axel Paulsen
  36. Master Ray Perry
  37. Duncan Ross
  38. W. A. Rowe
  39. Jacob Schaefer
  40. H.M. Schloss
  41. Jem Smith
  42. Lillian Smith
  43. Hattie Stewart
  44. John. L. Sullivan
  45. Arthur Wallace
  46. Tommy Warren
  47. Ada Webb
  48. John Wessels
  49. Clarence Whistler
  50. Charles Wood