T216 Peoples Tobacco (Mino, Kotton, Virginia Extra) Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title T216 Peoples Tobacco
Year 1911-16 (?)
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

T216 Peoples Tobacco (Mino, Kotton, Virginia Extra) Overview

T216 Bresnahan.jpg

The T216 Peoples Tobacco set includes cards with three different advertising backs for their Mino, Kotton, and Virginia Extra brands. Kotton is the easiest to find while Mino and Virginia Extra are more difficult.

The cards feature color lithographs on the front along with the player’s name, position, and team at the bottom. The cards were printed on two types of card stock – one is noticeably thinner than the other.

Images on the fronts were also used in other caramel card issues.  Several different backs are used to represent the various Peoples Tobacco brands.

This is another issue that is believed to be distributed in the Louisiana area.

The dating on these cards appears to have mixed thoughts. Some sources attribute it to being produced from 1911 through 1914. Others say it extended into 1916.

T216 Peoples Tobacco (Mino, Kotton, Virginia Extra) Backs

While Mino and Virginia Extra cards have a single back, Kotton has three. Here are pictures of the five backs from the T216 issue.

T216 Kotton Mild and Sweet Back  T216 Kotton Never Go Out Extra Back  T216 Kotton Never Go Out Back  T216 Virginia Extra Back  T216 Mino Back

T216 Peoples Tobacco (Mino, Kotton, Virginia Extra) Checklist

The checklist is the same across the three brands but it should be noted that numerous variations exist with regards to the printing in the bottom border below the pictures. Some players have cards with different positions, different team/league abbreviations, different team names, and more. As if all of that wasn’t enough, like many other caramel card sets, several players have pose variations. While 74 different pictures are in the set, more than 100 different cards are actually present counting all of the variations.

Please note that this checklist does not include all of the various print variations. Only true pose variations as well as font/background variations are listed as different cards.

  1. Jack Barry (batting)
  2. Jack Barry (fielding)
  3. Harry Bemis
  4. Chief Bender (white cap)
  5. Chief Bender (striped cap)
  6. Bill Bergen
  7. Bob Bescher
  8. Roger Bresnahan
  9. Al Bridwell (batting)
  10. Al Bridwell (sliding)
  11. Donie Bush
  12. Doc Casey
  13. Frank Chance
  14. Hal Chase (fielding)
  15. Hal Chase (portrait)
  16. Ty Cobb (batting)
  17. Ty Cobb (standing)
  18. Eddie Collins
  19. Sam Crawford (large print)
  20. Sam Crawford (smaller print)
  21. Harry Davis
  22. Ray Demmitt
  23. Art Devlin
  24. Bill Donovan
  25. Red Dooin
  26. Mickey Doolan
  27. Patsy Dougherty
  28. Larry Doyle (batting)
  29. Larry Doyle (fielding)
  30. Clyde Engle
  31. Johnny Evers
  32. Art Fromme
  33. George Gibson (back view)
  34. George Gibson (front view)
  35. Topsy Hartsel
  36. Roy Hartzell (batting)
  37. Roy Hartzell (fielding)
  38. Fred Jacklitsch
  39. Hughie Jennings (orange background)
  40. Hughie Jennings (red background)
  41. Red Kleinow
  42. Otto Knabe
  43. Jack Knight
  44. Nap Lajoie (fielding)
  45. Nap Lajoie (portrait)
  46. Hans Lobert
  47. Sherry Magee
  48. Rube Marquard
  49. Christy Mathewson
  50. John McGraw (large print)
  51. John McGraw (smaller print)
  52. Larry McLean
  53. George McQuillan
  54. Dots Miller (batting)
  55. Dots Miller (fielding)
  56. Daniel Murphy
  57. Bill O’Hara
  58. Rebel Oakes
  59. Eddie Plank
  60. Germany Schaefer
  61. Admiral Schlei
  62. Boss Schmidt
  63. Dave Shean
  64. Johnny Siegle
  65. Tris Speaker
  66. Oscar Stanage
  67. George Stovall
  68. Jeff Sweeney
  69. Joe Tinker
  70. Honus Wagner (batting)
  71. Honus Wagner (throwing)
  72. Hooks Wiltse
  73. Cy Young
  74. Heinie Zimmerman

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