1930s Palmin Hockey and Rugby Set and Checklist

It’s in the Details

Title Palmin Hockey and Rugby
Year 1930s
Size 2″ x 2 1/2″
Images Color
Type Food
Number in Set

1930s Palmin Hockey and Rugby Overview

This series was printed for Palmin, a coconut oil product in Germany. The set features rugby and field hockey. On the surface, that might seem like an odd pairing. But similar to other similar trade issues, Palmin issued numerous mini sets of six cards each. And several of Palmin’s sets included pairings of two sports.

The set includes three cards of rugby and three of field hockey. They are part of ‘Folge’ No. 183. In German, ‘Folge’ roughly means episode or sequence. In this context, it likely means something closer to a series.

The cards are printed in color with a caption at the bottom. The fronts also have the Folge number as well as the card (Bild) number. Backs include text and all text on the cards is in German. They are printed on a thinner type of stock.

Today, the cards are somewhat rare in the U.S., though not impossible to find. They are part of one small subset of a larger series created by Palmin that included other subjects.

1930s Palmin Hockey and Rugby Checklist

  1. Field Hockey
  2. Field Hockey
  3. Field Hockey
  4. Rugby
  5. Rugby
  6. Rugby

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