1934 Blue Valley Butter Blotter / Trade Card

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Blue Valley Butter Blotter / Trade Card
Year 1934
Size 3 5/8″ x 8″
Images Color
Type Food
Number in Set

1934 Blue Valley Butter Blotter / Trade Card Overview

Blue Valley Butter.jpgThese long rectangular cards are actually ink blotters for Blue Valley Butter, even though they are sometimes referred to as trade cards. Blue Valley Butter was a product of the Blue Valley Creamery Company and, as stated on the cards at the bottom, these were produced in 1934.

The card features a classic baseball scene, complete with a batter, catcher, and a third player rallying, ‘Get in the Game!’ Off to the side are two girls watching, one with a bat. All of the children are wearing white and blue Blue Valley uniforms.

The ‘game’ is being played in what looks to be an open field with a billboard prominently displayed with an advertisement for Blue Valley Butter, citing it as ‘Fresh’, ‘Clean’, and with a ‘Finer Flavor.’

The cards are not incredibly rare but aren’t plentiful, either. And because they are ink blotters, they are often found damaged with ink spots on them.

1934 Blue Valley Butter Blotter / Trade Card Checklist

This is a standalone issue and not part of a set.

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