S23 College Yell Silks Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title S23 College Yell Silks
Year 1910s
Size 4″ x 5 1/2″
Images Color
Type Silk
Number in Set

S23 College Yell Silks Overview


This set of 50 silk premiums were created as a tobacco premium. The silks represent various colleges and while most do not feature a specific sport, some do.

In particular, baseball, basketball, football and hockey are represented in the set for a few colleges. Oberlin and Rochester, for example, depict the sport of basketball. Those are among the earliest basketball collectibles. Many simply depict a pennant, mascot, or university seal. In addition, the silks also have a fight song and college ‘yell’ chant.

An exact date for the set of silks has not been identified. However, it is believed to have been printed around 1910. While all of these silks are rare, there is a premium for the more popular colleges and also those that feature the major sports.

One important note here is that these are similar to the S21 and S22 Murad Silks in the sense that those also included various sports and colleges. However, those sets are different in that each school represented could be found all ten sports featured in the set. This issue links only a single particular sport/design to each school.

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S23 College Yell Silks Checklist

  1. Amherst
  2. Annapolis/Navy
  3. Arkansas
  4. Brown
  5. California
  6. Carlisle
  7. CCNY
  8. Chicago (Football)
  9. Colorado
  10. Columbia
  11. Cornell
  12. Dartmouth
  13. Drake
  14. Georgetown
  15. Harvard
  16. Illinois
  17. Iowa
  18. Johns Hopkins
  19. Kansas
  20. Kentucky
  21. Lafayette
  22. Lehigh
  23. Louisiana
  24. Michigan
  25. Minnesota
  26. Missouri
  27. M.I.T.
  28. Nebraska
  29. Northwestern
  30. Notre Dame (Baseball)
  31. Oberlin (Basketball)
  32. Penn (Football)
  33. Princeton
  34. Purdue
  35. Rochester (Basketball)
  36. Rutgers
  37. Syracuse
  38. Tennessee
  39. Texas
  40. Trinity (Hockey)
  41. Tufts
  42. Tulane
  43. Vanderbilt
  44. Virginia
  45. Wesleyan
  46. West Point/Army
  47. West Virginia (Baseball)
  48. Williams (Baseball)
  49. Wisconsin
  50. Yale

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