1917 Honus Wagner Day Pin

It’s In The Details’

Title Honus Wagner Day Pins
Year 1917
Size 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″
Images Black and White
Type Pins
Number in Set

1917 Honus Wagner Day Pin Pins Overview

1917 Honus Wagner Day Pin ProofAt the age of 43, Pittsburgh Pirates star Honus Wagner retired from the game of baseball in 1917. The Flying Dutchman was honored with a special day on June 22nd at Forbes Field.

A souvenir pin was produced for the event but hardly any are known to have survived this long. But while the pins are ultra scarce, some of the original paper inserts used in the making of the pin have found their way into the hands of collectors. REA notes that they were discovered in the files of the company that produced the original pins, We-ber Erickson Bunting Company in Pittsburgh.

These are square and measure a little less than 2″ on all four sides. They feature a black and white closeup of Wagner along with the words “Wagner Day” at the top and the date, June 22, 1917, on the bottom. They are often referred to as proofs for the pins.

1917 Honus Wagner Day Pin Checklist

This is a standalone issue and not part of a set.

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