1933 F272-23 Wheaties Skippy Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title F272-23 Wheaties Skippy
Year 1933
Size 2″ x 3″
Images Color
Type Food
Number in Set

1933 F272-23 Wheaties Skippy Overview

Skippy was a cartoon character used by Wheaties in some of their advertising. This 12-card set features him in a variety of situations.

Most are non-sports related. However, the key in this set are two baseball cards. The first one is titled, “Skippy Hits a Homer” and he is seen swinging a baseball bat. The other is called, “Skippy Strikes ‘Em Out” as he is rearing back to throw a baseball.

Here’s a more detailed look at the baseball cards.

Baseball isn’t necessarily the only sports cards in the small set. A few are also related to boxing and training with a couple showing him hitting a punching bag while wearing boxing gloves. And to a lesser degree, a card picturing Skippy club swinging, a form of exercise, is also found in the series.

Fronts of the cards included a cartoon picture by Percy Crosby, the comic character’s artist, along with his signature, a caption, and a card number.

There were 12 different pictures in the set and all backs had the text, “EAT WHEATIES” at the top as well as the title of the particular card. The rest of the backs were geared towards children, prompting them to wash themselves clean, brush their hair, brush their teeth, and eat Wheaties cereal.

The cards have deliberately clipped corners and were distributed that way. The cardstock of these cards is also relatively thin, making them easily susceptible to damage.

1933 F272-23 Wheaties Skippy Checklist

  1. Skippy Doesn’t Mind the Cold
  2. Skippy at the Gym (Boxing)
  3. Skippy Swings the Clubs (Club-Swinging)
  4. Skippy Socks the Bag (Boxing)
  5. Skippy in Training
  6. Skippy Calls on Carol
  7. Skippy Hits a Homer (Baseball)
  8. Skippy Strikes ’em Out (Baseball)
  9. Sooky
  10. Skippy Brushes His Teeth Daily
  11. Skippy Says His Prayers
  12. Skippy Warms Up (Weightlifting)

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