Uncatalogued Supplements

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Uncatalogued Supplements
Year Various
Size Various
Images Various
Type Publications
Number in Set

Uncatalogued Supplements Overview

The Stage Supplement.jpgIn addition to the magazine and publication supplements categorized by Jefferson Burdick in his American Card Catalog, numerous others exist. These various supplements come in an assortment of sizes and largely include actual players. These supplements were generally inserted in publications such as newspapers and magazines. In general, they are not really identified as baseball cards as they are pictures of baseball players.

I have not dedicated individual pages for them all, but known ones are checklisted below in an effort to recognize them.

Uncatalogued Supplements Checklist

  • 1930s Blum’s Bulletin Premiums
  • 1909 Boston Herald Supplements
  • 1909 Boston Sunday Post
  • 1903-05 Burr-McIntosh Photoprints
  • 1914 Chicago Examiner Supplements
  • 1930 Chicago Herald and Examiner Babe Ruth Premium
  • 1915 Chicago Tribune Supplements
  • Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Woodcuts
  • Harper’s Weekly Woodcuts
  • Illustrated Current News Supplements
  • 1928-33 La Presse Photos (Multi-Sport/International)
  • 1909 Minneapolis Tribune Supplements
  • 1898-99 National Copper Plate Portraits
  • 1907 Newark Evening World Supplements
  • 1879-80 New York Clipper Player Portraits
  • 1914 New York Evening Sun Supplements
  • 1892 New York Recorder Supplements
  • 1913 Philadelphia Evening Times Supplements
  • 1929 Philadelphia Inquirer World Series Supplements
  • 1909 Pittsburgh Press Pirates Supplements
  • 1935-36 Sorel American Players Canadian Supplements
  • 1889 The Stage Supplements
  • 1910 Washington Times Series

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