1932 PR2 and PR3 Orbit Gum Pins Set and Checklist

It’s In The Details’

Title PR2 and PR3 Orbit Gum Pins
Year 1932
Size 3/4″
Images Color
Type Pins
Number in Set

1932 PR2 and PR3 Orbit Gum Pins Overview


The PR2 and PR3 Orbit Gum issues are two separate sets but nearly identical.

The two sets utilize the same design. On the front, a color picture of a player is present along with his name and team in a yellow banner at the bottom. The sole difference between the set is the checklist of players featured and numbering. The PR2 set is numbered (but skip-numbered) while the PR3 set is not numbered.

As is the case with other skip-numbered sets, the reason for it isn’t exactly known. More players were likely supposed to be included but the reason for their apparent omission is not clear.

Some of the names in the banner on the pins include both first and last name while others include only the last name. In addition, there are some variations in the PR2 set, as noted in the checklist below.

Finally, the American Card Catalog classifications for these two issues was a little different than what they are today. Jefferson Burdick listed both of these sets as PR3-3 in his popular book. PR2, in the American Card Catalog, was listed as a National Flags issue as well as a Sports issue. PR3 had a variety of baseball issues in different subsets. The Orbit Gum pins were only one such subset.

You can see pictures of all of the PR2 pins here. The PR3 set does not have the same variations and also includes some different players.

1932 PR2 and PR3 Orbit Gum Pins

PR2 Set

  1. Ivy Andrews
  2. Carl Reynods
  3. Riggs Stephenson
  4. Lon Warneke
  5. Frank Grube
  6. Kiki Cuyler
  7. Marty McManus
  8. Lefty Clark
  9. George Blaeholder
  10. Willie Kamm
  11. Jimmy Dykes
  12. Earl Averill
  13. Pat Malone
  14. Dizzy Dean
  15. Dick Bartell
  16. Guy Bush
  17. Bud Tinning
  18. Jimmie Foxx
  19. Mule Haas
  20. Lew Fonseca
  21. Pepper Martin
  22. Phil Collins
  23. Bill Cissell
  24. Smead Jolley
  25. Burleigh Grimes
  26. Dale Aelxander
  27. Mickey Cochrane
  28. Mel Harder
  29. Mark Koenig
  30. Bump Hadley
  31. Lefty O’Doul (Dodgers) and also Lefty O’Doul (Giants)
  32. Woody English (With Bat) and also Woody English (Without Bat)
  33. Billy Jurges (With Bat) and also Billy Jurges (Without Bat)
  34. Bruce Campbell
  35. Joe Vosmik
  36. Dick Porter
  37. Charlie Grimm
  38. George Earnshaw
  39. Al Simmons
  40. Red Lucas

(Beginning of Skip Numbering)

51. Wally Berger
55. Jim Levey
58. Ernie Lombardi
64. Jack Burns
67. Billy Herman
72. Bill Hallahan
92. Don Brennan
96. Sam Byrd
99. Ben Chapman
103. John Allen
107. Tony Lazzeri
111. Earle Combs
116. Joe Sewell
120. Lefty Gomez

PR3 Set

  1. Dale Alexander
  2. Ivy Andrews
  3. Earl Averill
  4. Dick Bartell
  5. Wally Berger
  6. George Blaeholder
  7. Jack Burns
  8. Guy Bush
  9. Bruce Campbell
  10. Bill Cissell
  11. Lefty Clark
  12. Mickey Cochrane
  13. Phil Collins
  14. Kiki Cuyler
  15. Dizzy Dean
  16. Jimmy Dyles
  17. George Earnshaw
  18. Woody English
  19. Lew Fonseca
  20. Jimmie Foxx
  21. Burleigh Grimes
  22. Charlie Grimm
  23. Lefty Grove
  24. Frank Grube
  25. Mule Haas
  26. Bump Hadley
  27. Chick Hafey
  28. Jesse Haines
  29. Bill Hallahan
  30. Mel Harder
  31. Gabby Hartnett
  32. Babe Herman
  33. Billy Herman
  34. Rogers Hornsby
  35. Roy Johnson
  36. Smead Jolley
  37. Billy Jurgess
  38. Willie Kamm
  39. Mark Koenig
  40. Jim Levey
  41. Ernie Lombardi
  42. Red Lucas
  43. Ted Lyons
  44. Connie Mack
  45. Pat Malone
  46. Pepper Martin
  47. Marty McManus
  48. Lefty O’Doul
  49. Dick Porter
  50. Carl Reynolds
  51. Charlie Root
  52. Bob Seeds
  53. Al Simmons
  54. Riggs Stephenson
  55. Bud Tinning
  56. Joe Vosmik
  57. Rube Walberg
  58. Paul Waner
  59. Lon Warneke
  60. Art Whitney

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