1921 C. Schulz Baseball Playing Cards Set and Checklist

It’s In The Details’

Title C. Schulz Baseball Playing Cards
Year 1921
Size 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Game Cards
Number in Set

1921 C. Schulz Baseball Playing Cards Overview

1921 Schulz Game Cards.jpgThe 1921 C. Schultz baseball playing cards will look familiar to even basic pre-war card collectors. The same image is used throughout the set and the card design is eerily similar to the one used in the E120 American Caramel set.

According to a copyright catalog, the official name of the game is “Baseball the Modern Card Game” while the maker is the Schulz Amusement Card Company.

The picture on the backs of these cards features New York Giants player Heinie Groh leaping to catch a ball. Groh’s pose is the same on his E120 card so he is easy to identify. The primary difference is that Groh’s Giants name on his uniform has been removed to make him appear as a generic player. It is likely that Schulz obtained Groh’s permission to use his picture but that he did not work with the Giants or the league, so he had to remove the Giants name from the uniform prior to production.

The other side of the card identifies the manufacturer as C. Schulz and states the set was copyrighted in 1921. A variety of printed actions (using red and black ink) are included on each card, which are used to play the game.

The game is designed like others of the same era with the purpose of simulating an actual baseball game through the playing of cards with the printed actions dictating game play.

1921 C. Schulz Baseball Playing Cards Checklist

Since the cards all use the same picture of Heinie Groh and merely depict actions for use in playing the game, a checklist has not been attempted here.

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