1920 Babe Ruth Headin’ Home Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Babe Ruth Headin’ Home
Year 1920
Size Varies
Images Black and White
Type Miscellaneous
Number in Set

1920 Babe Ruth Headin’ Home Cards Overview

Headin Home.jpgIn 1920, Babe Ruth starred in a silent sports movie called, “Headin’ Home.” Ruth plays himself in the movie but the actual account of his life on the screen was not the same as in his real life.

As publicity for the movie, a series of card featuring Ruth were distributed. The black and white cards could be found in different sizes and types. Several different baseball poses of Ruth are on the cards and three primary types exist, per this post on Net54:

  • A smaller 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ card (sometimes with blank backs and sometimes with a theater name on the back)
  • A larger 1 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ card with some sort of theater name on the back
  • A larger 1 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ card with a special Tex Rickard ad

Tex Rickard was a famous promoter in the 1920s. His ad states that the first showing of the movie would be at Madison Square Garden on September 19th.

Of note, too, is that other premium items from the movie exist, including some larger photos of Ruth to help promote the film.

1920 Babe Ruth Headin’ Home Cards Checklist

Fully confirmed checklists are not known for this set. In general, however, each set has only a few cards.

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