1923-24 Obsequio de los Cigarros Nacionales (National Cigarettes) Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Obsequio de los Cigarros Nacionales (National Cigarettes)
Year 1923-24
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 7/16″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1923-24 Obsequio de los Cigarros Nacionales (National Cigarettes) Overview

Nacionales Back1-219x136001.jpgThe Obsequio de los Cigarros Nacionales set was printed in 1923-24. Roughly translated, the title means gift of National Cigarettes.

The cards are printed on a thin, glossy paper with a thick black border. An image of an athlete or person is printed in black and white and his name and a card number are printed below his picture. The card stock is extremely thin and can be easily damaged without care.

Backs state that this is a significantly large issue comprised of 1,000 total cards. The cards were divided into ten series’ of 100 cards each. Each series received a letter designation (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, or, J) with the baseball cards falling under ‘C.’

While the baseball cards in the set are the most desirable, many different sports and non-sports personalities are included as well, including boxers and tennis players, which are also desired by many collectors. As CubanBaseball.com states, a total of 40 baseball cards exist and the baseball players are numbered C21-C60 in the set.

1923-24 Obsequio de los Cigarros Nacionales (National Cigarettes)

Below are the baseball cards in the set. A full list of boxers is unknown.

21. Rafael Almeida
22. Isidro Fabre
23. Eugenio Morin
24. Oscar Rodriguez
25. Joseito Rodriguez
26. Papo Gonzalez
27. J. Gutierrez
28. Valentin Dreke
29. Jose Maria Fernandez
30. Cheo Ramos
31. Ramon Herrera
32. Bernardo Baro
33. Manuel Cueto
34. Oscar Tuero
35. Kakin Gonzalez
36. Armando Marsans
37. Andy Cooper
38. Dolf Luque
39. Marcelino Guerra
40. Tatic Campos
41. Oscar Lewis
42. Eufemio Abreu
43. Cristobal Torriente
44. Juanelo Mirabal
45. Merito Acosta
46. Jose Acostica
47. Rogelio Crespo
48. Jacinto Calvo
49. Emilio Palmero
50. Jose Mendez
51. Alejandro Oms
52. Pedro Dibut
53. Valentin Gonzalez
54. Magrinat
55. Rafael Quintana
56. Beinvenido Jimenez
57. Bartolo Portuondo
58. Pelayo Chacon
59. Red Ryan
60. Perico El Mano

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