1921/1922 Leader Theatre (W575-1) Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Leader Theatre (W575-1)
Year 1921/1922
Size 2″ x 3 1/4″
Images Black and White
Type Miscellaneous
Number in Set

1921/1922 Leader Theatre (575-1) Overview

Leader Theatre Backe121Leader Theatre cards are one of the many sets that utilized the design/checklist from the popular W575-1 strip card set and/or E121 American Caramel set. The cards are feature a black and white player image along with his name, position, and team at the bottom.

Backs of the cards is what distinguishes these from other W575-1 and E121 card issues.

Leader Theatre backs offered an advertisement for that movie theater. The theater was located on 9th Street, near E. Street, N.W., as stated on the backs. The ad also stated what was playing at the theater and offered a special promotion for collectors that could put together an entire set. Cards were given away free of charge and anyone collecting an entire set would receive an album.

The Leader Theatre cards also differ in that they specifically state, which W575-1/E121 set to which they belong. They identify that there are 120 cards in the set, which means that they likely used the E121 Set of 120 checklist.

1921/1922 Leader Theatre (W575-1) Checklist

Below is the complete E121 American Caramel Set of 120 cards to which the Leader Theatre cards seem to correspond. Note that while 120 cards were advertised, more than 120 were printed counting all of the different variations. It is unknown if all of these variations or players exist within the Leader Theatre set.

Given that the promotion stated collectors needed to find the set of 120, that was likely not the case and it is possible that only 120 were printed with the Leader Theatre backs.

  1. Babe Adams
  2. Grover Alexander
  3. Jim Bagby
  4. Dave Bancroft
  5. Turner Barber
  6. Bibb Falk
  7. Carlson Bigbee
  8. L. Bigbee
  9. Joe Bush
  10. Max Carey
  11. Cecil Causey
  12. Ty Cobb (batting)
  13. Ty Cobb (throwing)
  14. Eddie Collins
  15. Wilbur Cooper
  16. Stan Coveleski
  17. Dave Danforth
  18. Jake Daubert
  19. George Dauss
  20. Dixie Davis
  21. Lou de Vormer
  22. William Doak
  23. Phil Douglas
  24. Red Faber
  25. Ira Flagstead
  26. William Fewster
  27. Max Flack
  28. Frankie Frisch
  29. Bill Gardner
  30. Alexander Gaston
  31. E.P. Gharrity
  32. George Gibson
  33. Charles Glazner
  34. Kid Gleason
  35. Hank Gowdy
  36. John Graney
  37. Tom Griffith
  38. Charlie Grimm
  39. Heinie Groh
  40. Jesse Haines
  41. Harry Harper
  42. Harry Heilman
  43. Harry Heilmann
  44. Clarence Hodge
  45. Water Holke
  46. Charles Hollocher
  47. Harry Hooper
  48. Rogers Hornsby (2B)
  49. Rogers Hornsby (OF)
  50. Waite Hoyt
  51. Miller Huggins
  52. Walter Johnson
  53. Joe Judge
  54. George Kelly
  55. Dickie Kerr
  56. P.J. Kilduff
  57. Bill Killefer (batting)
  58. Bill Killefer (throwing)
  59. John Lavan
  60. Walter Mails
  61. Rabbit Maranville
  62. Elwood Martin
  63. Carl Mays
  64. John McGraw
  65. Jack McInnis
  66. M.J. McNally
  67. Bob Meusel
  68. Emil Meusel
  69. Clyde Milan
  70. Elmer Miller
  71. Otto Miller
  72. Johnny Mostil
  73. Eddie Mulligan
  74. Hy Myers
  75. Earl Neale
  76. Art Nehf
  77. Les Nunamaker
  78. Joe Oeschger
  79. Steve O’Neill
  80. Del Pratt
  81. John Rawlings (2B)
  82. John Rawlings (Utl.)
  83. E.C. Rice
  84. Eppa Rixey
  85. Wilbert Robinson
  86. Tom Rogers
  87. Ed Rommel
  88. Ed Rounnel
  89. Edd Roush
  90. Muddy Ruel
  91. Walter Reuthel
  92. “Babe” Ruth (holding ball)
  93. “Babe” Ruth (holding bird)
  94. “Babe” Ruth (montage)
  95. Babe Ruth (holding bird)
  96. Babe Ruth (montage)
  97. Bill Ryan
  98. Ray Schalk (batting)
  99. Ray Schalk (catching)
  100. Wally Schang
  101. Everett Scott
  102. Joe Sewell
  103. Bob Shawkey
  104. Pat Shea
  105. Earl Sheely
  106. Urban Shocker
  107. George Sisler
  108. Earl Smith
  109. Elmer Smith
  110. Frank Snyder
  111. Billy Southworth
  112. Tris Speaker (large)
  113. Tris Speaker (small)
  114. Milton Stock
  115. Amos Strunk
  116. Zeb Terry
  117. Fred Toney
  118. George Topocer
  119. Bob Veach
  120. Oscar Vitt
  121. Curtis Walker
  122. W. Wambsganss
  123. Aaron Ward
  124. Zack Wheat
  125. George Whitted (Brooklyn)
  126. George Whitted (Pittsburgh)
  127. Fred Williams
  128. Ivy WIngo
  129. Ross Youngs

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