1910 All Star Base-ball Package Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title All Star Base-ball Package
Year 1910
Size 1 7/8″ x 3 1/2″
Images Color
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

1910 All Star Base-ball Package Overview

1910 All Star Baseball Boxes.jpg

Similar to the emerging Darby Chocolates cards, the 1910 All-Star Baseball Package cards were cut outs from candy boxes. They aren’t universally accepted by all collectors as cards, per se. However, because they featured individual and specific players on candy box, they are considered by some of the collecting community to be cards of a sort.

The cards featured basic drawings of players from various teams. At the top was the All Star Base-Ball name in bold lettering. A colored player image was in the middle and his name and team were printed at the bottom.

The images featured players on a generic field and in a variety of positions, including fielding, batting, or running.

Of note is that the pictures are the actual players are generic ones, too. While the cards did use actual player names, the images are taken from other sets. For example, the Jack Coombs card pictured on the box here is actually the same picture American Caramel used for pitcher Harry Krause in their E90-1 set.

Images were also taken from the T3 Turkey Red set as well. The interesting thing is that while pictures were taken from the T3 set, the pictures were often for different players in that issue.

A Familiar Distributor

One interesting thing here is that the candy and packages were produced by Dockman and Sons. Collectors of early caramel cards will recognize that name instantly as they were one of four distributors of the famous 1909 E92 set.

While four companies (Dockman, Croft Candy, Croft Cocoa, and Nadja) distributed the E92 cards, Dockman is closely associated with the set as they are typically the most commonly back seen on them.

1910 All Star Base-ball Package Checklist

Below is a complete checklist of the set.

  1. Johnny Bates
  2. Heinie Beckendorf
  3. Joe Birmingham
  4. Roger Bresnahan
  5. Al Burch
  6. Donie Bush
  7. Frank Chance
  8. Ty Cobb
  9. Wid Conroy
  10. Jack Coombs
  11. George Gibson
  12. Dick Hoblitzell
  13. Johnny Kling
  14. Frank LaPorte
  15. Ed Lennox
  16. Connie Mack
  17. Christy Mathewson
  18. Matty McIntyre
  19. Al Schweitzer
  20. Jimmy Sheckard
  21. Bill Sweeney
  22. Terry Turner
  23. Honus Wagner
  24. Harry Wolter

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