1889 E.R. Williams Game Card Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title E.R. Williams Game Cards
Year 1889
Size 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
Images Color
Type Game Cards
Number in Set

1889 E.R. Williams Game Card Overview

E.R. Williams Game.jpgWE.R. Williams Game Backhile some pre-war game card issues included only pictures of generic players, the 1889 E.R. Williams game card set included excellent color lithography of some of the best players in the game.

19 of the 52 cards feature real players – two per card for a total of 38. The other 33 cards still have value and are sought after by collectors, but are action cards simply needed to play the game. Those do not feature real players.

Backs of all of the cards feature a generic batter printed in green ink against a decorative background, similar to those found on all types of playing cards.

Here are pictures of the entire set of cards featuring actual players.

1889 E.R. Williams Game Card Checklist

Below is a checklist of cards in the set that feature actual players.

  1. Anson/Ewing
  2. Brouthers/Latham
  3. Buffinton/Caruthers
  4. Carpenter/Carroll
  5. Clarkson/Keefe
  6. Comiskey/Connor
  7. Corkhill/Fogarty
  8. Denny/Tiernan
  9. Foutz/Kelly
  10. Galvin/Orr
  11. Glasscock/Tucker
  12. Griffin/McKean
  13. Hoy/Reilly
  14. Irwin/Williamson
  15. King/Tener
  16. Myers/Stricker
  17. Pfeffer/Wolf
  18. Ramsey/Wehying
  19. Ward/Welch

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