1939 Piel’s Beer Coasters Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Piel’s Beer Coasters
Year 1939
Size 4″
Images Black and White
Type Miscellaneous
Number in Set
3 (?)

1939 Piel’s Beer Coasters Overview

Piel Beer CoasterFounded in 1883, Piel’s Beer produced alcoholic beverages for more than 100 years. Throughout the year, the company produced many different types of collectible coasters. One celebrity series was known and it included one baseball player in Hall of Famer Bill Terry.

Each coaster has a slogan and a quote of sorts from the personality that fit with their profession. For example, as a baseball player, Terry’s reads:

“It sure makes a hit with me”

The coasters are circular and feature black and white images of the personality’s face. The Piel’s Beer name is printed at the top in large black lettering and each athlete has a slogan.

To date, the only other athlete I’ve seen in the set is golfer Tommy Armour. The set also included non-sports characters. At least one of those, actress/singer Ethel Merman, exists. The checklist likely includes others, however.

1939 Piel’s Beer Coasters Checklist

Celebrities and their slogans on the coasters are listed below. Others may be in the set.

  1. Tommy Armour (Suits me to a tee)
  2. Ethel Merman (Something to sing about)
  3. Bill Terry (It sure makes a hit with me)

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