1935/36 Donat Indiana-Sport-Avion Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Donat Indiana-Sport-Avion
Year 1935/1936
Size 2 3/8″ x 3″
Images Black and White
Type Gum and Candy Cards
Number in Set
63 or 64

1935/36 Donat Indiana-Sport-Avion Overview

Football Indiana Sport Avion.jpgbabe ruth indiana sport avionEver heard of the Donut Indiana-Sport-Avion set? If you haven’t, you’re not alone.

The 1935/36 Donat Indiana-Sport-Avion set remains a mystery to collectors. This mixed set features a variety of sports and non-sports cards but not much more is known.

The cards are from France and obviously written in French. The backs state that there are 136 cards in the set and that the set is a ‘DONAT’ product. That is a reference to the apparent producer, printed at the very bottom, Jean-Donat Dupont, and Donat was a confectionery company offering products such as bon bons. But exactly how the cards were distributed is unclear.

Backs indicate there are supposed to be 136 cards in this set but that is not correct. Instead, the set is believed to comprise only 64. A firm date on them is unknown but they appear to have been issued in 1936 based on several of the fronts picturing events from 1935. Measuring, approximately 2 3/8″ x 3″, the cards are a bit thicker than the earlier candy cards and are black and white with white borders.

Part of the confusion with regards to the number of cards is around another set titled ‘Indiana-Sport.’ That set has cards above No. 64 but is a different issue than this one.

Babe Ruth headlines the set and only one other baseball player (Darrell Blanton) is included in the entire set. Other popular known sports include American football, boxing, and wrestling. The football card is called ‘Rugby American’ but it depicts the sport of football, not rugby. The Tour de France is also heavily featured in the set, which makes sense, given the cards’ French origins. Beyond Ruth, the boxing cards in the set are a big deal. One features a very early card of Hall of Famer Joe Louis. Hall of Famer Max Baer is also in the set.

The name is somewhat puzzling at first since ‘Avion’ translated means ‘plane’ in English. But what many collectors do not realize is that many early cards in the set’s numbered checklist are indeed cards of various airplanes. And counting some cards for auto racing, approximately 2/3 of the set features modes of transportation, such as airplanes, cars, and boats.

Fronts of the card feature the aforementioned black and white image with the ‘Indiana-Sport-Avion’ name in bold, black letters at the bottom. Below that is a caption of what is being depicted as well as a card number.

Variations and Other Sets

indiana sport boxingTwo things have caused some confusion surrounding this set. First, there are actually three variations of these Indiana-Sport-Avion cards. While the subjects are believed to be the same in the three, some images may be cropped differently and the font in the three variations is different.

One font is skinny and narrow while a second, more common version has thicker letters. A third that also uses thicker letters has slightly larger letters than the second.

In addition, the company produced some other sets, including one featuring cowboys and Indians. However, the confusing set with regards to this one is one that is simply named Indiana-Sport (no Avion). A boxing card from that set is pictured here and while many of the cards have the same look, some of the Indiana-Sport cards are also found with a blue tint.

That one is a completely different (and larger) set, even though some of the subjects may be the same.

1935/1936 Donat Indiana-Sport-Avion Checklist

  1. Miss Britain III
  2. GYPS1
  3. Tigre II
  4. Grand Prix
  5. Courses de Dirt Track
  6. A L’assaut de la Colline
  7. Hydrav – Lieutenant de Vaisseau Paris
  8. Avion Amphibie Baby Clipper
  9. Avion Robot
  10. Pan American Clipper
  11. Hydravion Lance Par Catapulte
  12. Avion Stratospherique Farman
  13. Avion Winnie-Mae de Wiley Post
  14. Avion Irish-Swoop
  15. Avion Farman “Type 221”
  16. Typhon Bi-Moteur
  17. Avion Savoia-Marcheti
  18. Avion de Chasse
  19. Monoplaneur
  20. Bengali
  21. Avion “Mystery-Plane”
  22. 1935 Grand Prix
  23. 1935 Tour de France
  24. TBD
  25. TBD
  26. 1935 Tour de France
  27. 1935 Tour de France
  28. 1935 Tour de France
  29. 1935 Tour de France
  30. Cross Cyclo-Pedestre
  31. TBD
  32. TBD
  33. Darrell Blanton – misspelled ‘Darrel’ (Baseball)
  34. Course de Triporteurs
  35. Jimmy Clarnon vs. Barney Ross (Boxing)
  36. Jim Londos vs. Georges Zakarias (Wrestling)
  37. Fagioli
  38. Grand Prix de Comminges
  39. Grand Prix de Nice
  40. Santos-Dumont
  41. Malcolm Campbell
  42. Nouveau Blue-Bird
  43. Dirt-Track Automobile
  44. Grand Prix Automobile de Dieppe
  45. Navire Porte-Avions
  46. Courses En Side-Car
  47. Marcel Thil vs. Ignacio Ara (Boxing)
  48. 110 Metres Haies
  49. Max Baer vs. Jimmy Braddock (Boxing)
  50. Joe Louis vs. Primo Carnera (Boxing)
  51. TBD
  52. Peacock
  53. Vol a Voile
  54. Aquaplane
  55. Dreyfuss sur Bugatti
  56. Bobsleigh
  57. Varsi sur Auto-Union
  58. Courses en Ski
  59. Course de Bolides a Londres
  60. Babe Ruth (Baseball)
  61. Depart d’un 100 Metres Nage
  62. Rugby American (Football)
  63. Trophee de L’ile de Man
  64. Unknown if issued

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