1934 Doyle-Texaco Red Wings Ad Card

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Doyle-Texaco Red Wings Ad Card
Year 1934
Size 10″ diameter
Images Black and White
Type Gasoline
Number in Set

1934 Doyle-Texaco Red Wings Ad Card Overview

1934 Red Wings Doyle-Texaco.jpgThis card served as an advertisement for the Doyle Texaco gas station in Rochester, New York. It featured the hometown Rochester Red Wings baseball team.

The front includes a team picture in black and white and the bottom states it is “compliments of Doyle-Texaco and your neighborhood Texaco dealer.” The back of the card has a baseball printed as the background and states that consumers should “Ask for Baseball Gas.” The back also has the Texaco logo and the Doyle name. Here is an actual advertisement for the business’ opening.

The card is particularly interesting since Hall of Famer Johnny Mize was a member of that team and is pictured.

The origins of this circular card are unknown. Interestingly, though, you can find it in a few different shapes as some cards are intact like this one shown here is believed to be and others have the rectangular picture cut out. That makes sense since it provides for a more traditional shape.

These were used as autograph opportunities as well. Several autographed copies of this card have been found.

1934 Doyle-Texaco Red Wings Ad Card Checklist

This is a standalone issue and not part of a set.

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