1932 Wheaties Babe Ruth Flip Movie Book

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Wheaties Babe Ruth Flip Movie Book
Year 1932
Size 1 3/4″ x 2 1/2″
Images Color (Blue and Orange Ink)
Type Food
Number in Set

1932 Wheaties Babe Ruth Flip Movie Book Overview

Babe Ruth Wheaties Flip BookThis unique item was distributed by Wheaties. The booklet was made in 1932 and features the famous home run swing of Yankees great Babe Ruth.

The cover explains the idea as, ‘Babe Ruth shows you how to hit a home run.’ It features a cartoon image of Ruth’s swing and is printed using Wheaties’ trademark blue and orange ink. The cover also mentions it was produced ‘by arrangement’ with Christy Walsh in 1932 by the Moviebook Corporation, located in New York.

Also using blue and orange ink was the back. There, a picture of a Wheaties box was shown as well as a small ‘quote’ from Ruth himself:

“Babe Ruth says: If you eat Wheaties with milk or cream and sugar you’re going to have plenty of energy to knock out home runs.”

Ruth’s replica signature was added as well.

Inside the booklet were real photograph images of Ruth – a slightly different one on each page. When a consumer flipped through the book, Ruth’s animated swing was presented.

But the point wasn’t simply to flip through the book quickly to see the short movie. On each picture/page of the book, a tip/explanation of that part of Ruth’s swing was described. Because the pictures varied only slightly from the one immediately before and after it, the tips were often pretty general instead of focusing solely on that part of the swing. Some of those generic tips included messages such as, ‘Practice makes Perfect’ and ‘Take a Bat and Keep Swinging it.’

In all, the book includes a total of 24 images.

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