1915-19 PM1 Ornate Frame Pin Set and Checklist

It’s In The Details’

Title PM1 Ornate Frame Pins
Year 1915-19
Size 1 1/4″ x 1 1/2″
Images Sepia
Type Pins
Number in Set

1915-19 PM1 Ornate Frame Pins Overview

PM1 Mathewson.jpg

The PM1 Ornate Frame pins feature baseball players inside of a unique frame design. The decorative frame is the reason the set has earned its name and inside of it are small sepia colored pictures of various baseball players.

New pins continue to be discovered so the checklist may not yet be fully complete

As Robert Edward Auctions notes, while the set is often referred to as a 1915 issue, it is now virtually certain to have been produced either later than that or over a number of years.

The discovery of a Ruth pin in recent years drew quite a bit of attention. Some have even theorized that it may not be authentic and, to date, it is the only one to have ever been discovered.

While most sports collectors are interested in these pins for the baseball issues, non-sports figures, such as ex-presidents, were also included in the set.

1915-19 PM1 Ornate Frame Pins Checklist

This article, which details the Ruth find, has a complete checklist of the set.

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