1909 Boston Sunday Post Supplements Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Boston Sunday Post Supplements
Year 1909
Size 7″ x 9″
Images Sepia
Type Publications
Number in Set

Boston Sunday Post Supplements Overview

The Boston Sunday Post Supplements were a regional issue in the Boston area featuring members of the Boston Red Sox.

These photographs had a sepia tone, a large player image, and a smaller portrait image inside of a circle. As Old Cardboard notes, many of the portrait photos were similar to those used in the T204 Ramly set.

The top of the pictures had ‘Red Sox Stars’ printed. Oddly, the font varied several times. Some font was in italics while other times it was not. Some font was printed larger than others as well.

The bottom included the player;s name, his team, and position along with a caption. For example, Charles Wagner’s picture shows him bending down with his glove and the caption, “Ready for a Hard Grounder.”

Boston Sunday Post Supplements Checklist

  1. Frank Arrelanes
  2. Bill Carrigan
  3. Charles Chech
  4. Eddie Cicotte
  5. Harry Hooper
  6. Harry Lord
  7. Amby McConnell
  8. Harry Niles
  9. Tris Speaker
  10. Edward Spencer
  11. Garland Stahl
  12. Charles Wagner
  13. Harry Wolter

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