Mentholatum Football and Hockey Blotters

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Mentholatum Football and Hockey Blotters
Year Unknown
Size 3 1/2″ x 6 1/8″
Images Color
Type Trade
Number in Set
3 (?)

Mentholatum Football and Hockey Blotters Overview

Mentholatum Football BlotterInk blotters were generally rectangular cards that were popular in the days of fountain pens. They would usually be kept on desks and were used to allow people to wipe off excess ink. To properly absorb the ink, blotters are generally a little thicker and have a different texture than traditional cards.

Mentholatum produces various health care and home items. Specifically, they are famous for ointment and rubs.

The company was founded in 1889 and still operating to this day after being involved in a few acquisitions. Mentholatum distributed a number of blotters in its earlier days when fountain pens were still being widely used. Most were non-sports issues but the company did produce at least three sports blotters in football and hockey.

While not standard trading cards, blotters with sports figures are absolutely collectible. Because they were used to absorb extra ink, you will often find them with ink spots all over them. Ones that haven’t been covered in ink demand a premium.

Blotters were generally an advertisement for a specific product, service, or organization. Along with a picture of a sports figure or team, they usually sought to promote some type of product or business.


The football blotter (shown above) stresses that the products are good for both summer and winter use. The summer side of the card shows a swimmer and people at the beach while the winter one shows a football player and other winter activities, such as ice skating and sled riding.

That summer/winter theme was one that was used on other Mentholatum blotters involving non-sports subjects. To date, though, the one featuring a football player is the only one I’ve seen from the pre-war era identifying a major American sport. Others included various activities, such as swimming and ice skating.


Mentholatum Hockey Blotter.jpg

At least two Mentholatum blotters covered the sport of ice hockey. Like the football blotter, these also featured other sports and activities.

The first, shown here, includes a hockey player to the left and the artwork is somewhat basic. It is a little distinctive from others with the use of only basic colors and a diagonal line design/pattern in the middle. In addition to hockey, the blotter also shows people participating in camping and swimming, essentially summer activities, and ice hockey, stating the product’s multiple uses.

A second hockey blotter also features hockey as well, albeit to a lessened degree.

Mentholatum Hockey Blotter

One half of the blotter shows a man with a cold and bundled up in a blanket outside with a fire going. In the background, a hockey scene is being played out. The other half of the blotter shows swimmers at the beach and states that the Mentholatum product is also good for sunburn.

In addition, the second blotter also includes a ruler at the top measuring 6″ long.

Like the football blotter, both of the blotters featuring the sport of hockey are paired with summer activities, making for a winter/summer theme.

Mentholatum Football and Hockey Blotters Checklist

These are standalone issues not part of a set.

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