Gets There Just the Same Trade Card

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Gets There Just the Same Trade Card
Year Unknown
Size 3″ x 5″
Images Color
Type Trade
Number in Set

Gets There Just the Same Trade Card Overview

Gets There Just the Same Trade Card.jpgThis is a trade card that included a comical baseball scene.

The card shows an excessively bow-legged catcher standing in front of wooden backstop. In order to prevent pitched balls from going between his legs, he has a net in between his legs tied to each leg. Two opposing players look on in the background.

The caption explains the scene:

The catcher of the visiting team is a little bow-legged, but suffers no inconvenience on that account by reason of the above ingenious device.”

One weird anomaly I have noticed with several of these cards is that the right corner has been cut off. Though, I have not seen it enough to determine if it is a regularity or just an odd occurrence.

Additionally, the examples I have seen have all had the Texas Siftings by Permission print at the bottom. It is unknown if this card comes with other advertiser prints/labeling or if it was exclusive to that company. Additionally, the lone back for this I have seen comes with an advertisement for Arbuckles’ Coffee. Again, I cannot say if this trade was used by others with different back advertisements or not. Overall, the card is relatively rare.

Gets There Just the Same Trade Card Checklist

This appears to be a standalone issue not part of a set.

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