Gartmann Chocolates Trade Cards

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Gartmann Chocolates Trade Cards
Year Various
Size Various
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Type Trade Cards
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Gartmann Chocolates Trade Cards Overview

Gartmann Chocolates.jpgGartmann Chocolates is a popular chocolate manufacturer in Germany. The company printed numerous cards featuring a variety of sports.

The cards vary by design but most, if not all, include the Gartmann name on the fronts in one form or another. Some also include the series and card number on the fronts.

Two hockey cards are known to be produced by them. One is horizontal and calls the sport ‘Eispolo’ while the other is vertical and says the name of the sport is Eis Hockey. In addition to that sport, a variety of other minor sports are included throughout their series’ as well.

Eispolo was a common name for the sport in its early days. That, along with the fact that it has an earlier series number than the Eis Hockey card, means it was likely printed earlier. An exact date for both cards, however, is not known.

Gartmann Chocolates Trade Cards Checklist

A complete checklist is not known. The two known hockey cards I have seen are listed below.

  1. Gartmann Chocolade ‘Eispolo'(Series 274)
  2. Gartmann’s Chocolade Eis Hockey (Series 365)

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