1939 Father and Son Shoes Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Father and Son Shoes
Year 1939
Size 3″ x 4″
Images Black and White
Type Trade
Number in Set
 16 or 17

1939 Father and Son Shoes Overview

39FSS 10 May.jpg

Father and Son Shoes produced these simple black and white baseball cards of various Philadelphia players. Cards were distributed only in the Philadelphia area. The cards feature a player’s black and white image along with their name, position, and team at the bottom.

Also at the bottom is the printed line of, “Compliments of Father & Son Shoes.”

1939 Father and Son Shoes Checklist

  1. Morrie Arnovich
  2. Earl Brucker
  3. George Caster
  4. Sam Chapman
  5. Spud Davis
  6. Joe Gantenbein
  7. Bob Johnson
  8. Chuck Klein
  9. Herschel Martin
  10. Merrill May
  11. Wally Moses
  12. Hugh Mulcahy
  13. Skeeter Newsome
  14. Claude Passeau
  15. George Scharien
  16. Dick Siebert

Emmitt Mueller is also listed as being in this set according to most checklists. To date, however I have not seen that card or heard of one existing.

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