1929 Leader Novelty Candy Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Leader Novelty Candy
Year 1929
Size 1 3/4″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color Tints
Type Candy/Caramel
Number in Set

1929 Leader Novelty Candy Overview


The 1929 Leader Novelty Candy set is a rare issue. The set checklist continues to grow with new issues being discovered on occasion.

The fronts of the cards include a color-tinted image of a player with only one color ink being used (the cards come in various ink colors but only one is used per card). Along with the player picture, a replica signature is also included along with the player’s team.

Images used for the cards were taken from the R316 Kashin set. Backs are completely blank.

Occasionally, some of the boxes that were used for the candy/cards make their way out in to the public as well. Those boxes included a unique baseball scene.

1929 Leader Novelty Candy Checklist

A completely confirmed checklist of the set does not exist. However, about 30 cards are currently known. Old Cardboard has pictures of them.

  1. Larry Benton
  2. Max Bishop
  3. Lu Blue
  4. Jim Bottomley
  5. Donie Bush
  6. Earle Combs
  7. Pete Donohue
  8. Taylor Douthit
  9. Fred Fitzsimmons
  10. Lew Fonseca
  11. Jimmie Foxx
  12. Frankie Frisch
  13. Burleigh Grimes
  14. Lefty Grove
  15. James Hogan
  16. Rogers Hornsby
  17. Sam Jones
  18. Joe Judge
  19. Chuck Klein
  20. Fred Lindstrom
  21. Pat Malone
  22. Rabbit Maranville
  23. Bing Miller
  24. Lefty O’Doul
  25. Mel Ott
  26. Herb Pennock
  27. Ed Rommel
  28. Charlie Root
  29. Al Simmons
  30. Bill Terry
  31. Pie Traynor
  32. Dazzy Vance
  33. Paul Waner
  34. Hack Wilson

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