S58 Hamilton King Girls Silks Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title S58 Hamilton King Girls Silks
Year 1910s
Size 7″ x 9″ (but varies with cut)
Images Color
Type Silk
Number in Set

S58 Hamilton King Girls Silks Overview


This set of 25 silk premiums were created as a tobacco premium. The silks represent various girls and a variety of topics and occupations.

Most of the silks are not sports-related but a few are. Of particular note is one depicting the sport of basketball.

A number is printed in a corner to identify the particular ‘card’ number of the silk. Of note is that, while 25 silks are believed to be in the set, the numbering for the silks begins at No. 26.

While none of the other four major sports are in the set, several others are represented. Among them are golf, tennis, rowing, polo, yachting, skating, and fencing. The silks do not depict specific athletes – only a generic girl.

An exact date for the set of silks has not been identified. However, it is believed to have been printed in the 1910s.

Here are pictures of all of the silks in the set.

S58 Hamilton King Girls Silks Checklist

26. Horse Show
27. Fencing
28. Yachting
29. Tennis
30. Polo
31. Rowing
32. Golf
33. Basketball (Printed ‘Basket Ball’)
34. Skating
35. Serpentine Dancer
36. Cabaret Dancer
37. Light Opera Dancer
38. Spanish Dancer
39. Old Point Comfort Girl
40. Newport Girl
41. Coney Island Girl
42. Atlantic City Girl
43. Asbury Park Girl
44. Coronado Beach Girl
45. Bar Harbor Girl
46. Long Beach Girl
47. Palm Beach Girl
48. Narragansett Girl
49. Long Branch Girl
50. Manhattan Beach Girl

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