1910-11 Turkey Red Cabinets Set and Checklist (T3 / T9)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Turkey Red (T3 – Baseball / T9 – Boxing)
Year 1910-11
Size 5 3/4″ x 8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

T3 and T9 Turkey Red Overview

1911 T9 Turkey Red Boxingcobbt3The 1910-11 T3 Turkey Red set includes a total of 126 cards. While most (100) are baseball, card numbers 51 through 76 are boxing. The boxing cards are technically categorized as T9 in the American Card Catalog.

Despite the two different classifications, the boxing cards were clearly meant to be a part of this set since their card numbering is smack dab in the middle of it. The boxing cards even appear in the checklist on the back. For that reason, it is clear to me that they should be T3 cards instead of their current T9 designation.

Did Burdick catalog these differently by mistake? I don’t believe so. As stated, he obviously would have known the boxing cards were checklisted on the backs of the baseball cards. Rather, I believe that he simply chose to catalog them differently. My contention, however, would be that they were meant to be part of the same set and should have been cataloged as such.

These are larger cabinet-style cards from Turkey Red Cigarettes, measuring at 8″ tall x nearly 6″ wide. A color picture is in the middle with player names on a gold nameplate at the bottom. The cabinets were available through redeeming ten Turkey Red cigarette coupons or 25 Old Mill or Fez cigarette coupons. Collectors had until June 30, 1911 to redeem their coupons. They were to be sent to the Baseball and Athlete Picture Department at Drawer S. in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Numerous big names are found in the baseball series, including Ty Cobb, Cy Young, Walter Johnson, and Christy Mathewson. Meanwhile, the boxing series is headlined by the legendary Jack Johnson as well as several other Hal of Famers. Notably, boxer Abe Attell is also in the set and his cards are pursued by baseball collectors as he was involved in the 1919 World Series fix involving the Chicago Black Sox.

While the fronts of the cards all had the same look, the backs were distinctly different. The frames/borders were also different as boxing cards had a gold frame-like border and the baseball cards had a gray border that had the appearance of a frame mat. Some included checklists of the set while others were blank or had an advertisement for Turkey Red Cigarettes. While close, the checklist on the back of the cards was not completely in alphabetical order. A total of four different checklist backs are known and with the blank backs and advertising backs, there are a total of six back types.

The cards are one of the most popular cabinet card issues around.

Proof Cards

T3 Turkey Red Proof Card StovallWhile extremely rare, Turkey Red proof cards are also known.

These proofs included the same color photos as the regular cards in the set. However, they display no name in the nameplate area at the bottom. Proofs also have blank backs. It is important to distinguish these from regular T3 cards with blank backs and, typically, the best way to do that is by viewing the nameplate and seeing if a name is printed in it. If a name is found, most collectors do not consider those to be true proofs. Additionally, true proofs will display printer marks on them around the edges.

Like many proof cards, the specific origins are unknown. However, a large group was found at a card show in 1973, according to this site, which also has images of several of them.

These proofs are extremely valuable. The George Stovall card shown here sold for $9,000 in an REA auction.

T3 and T9 Turkey Red Checklist

  1. Mordecai Brown
  2. Bill Bergen
  3. Tommy Leach
  4. Roger Bresnahan
  5. Sam Crawford
  6. Hal Chase
  7. Howie Camnitz
  8. Fred Clarke
  9. Ty Cobb
  10. Art Devlin
  11. Bill Dahlen
  12. Bill Donovan
  13. Larry Doyle
  14. Red Dooin
  15. Kid Elberfeld
  16. Johnny Evers
  17. Clark Griffith
  18. Hughie Jennings
  19. Addie Joss
  20. Tim Jordan
  21. Red Kleinow
  22. Harry Krause
  23. Nap Lajoie
  24. Mike Mitchell
  25. Matty McIntyre
  26. John McGraw
  27. Christy Mathewson
  28. Harry McIntyre
  29. Amby McConnell
  30. George Mullin
  31. Sherry Magee
  32. Orval Overall
  33. Jack Pfiester
  34. Nap Rucker
  35. Joe Tinker
  36. Tris Speaker
  37. Slim Sallee
  38. Jake Stahl
  39. Rube Waddell
  40. Vic Willis
  41. Hooks Wiltse
  42. Cy Young
  43. Out at Third
  44. Trying to Catch Him Napping
  45. Jordan and Herzog at First
  46. Safe at Third
  47. Fred Chance at Bat
  48. Jack Murray at Bat
  49. A Close Play at Second
  50. Chief Meyers at Bat
  51. Jim Driscoll
  52. Abe Attell
  53. Ad. Wolgast
  54. Johnny Coulon
  55. James Jeffries
  56. Jack Sullivan
  57. Battling Nelson
  58. Packey McFarland
  59. Tommy Murphy
  60. Owen Moran
  61. Johnny Marto
  62. Jimmie Gardner
  63. Harry Lewis
  64. William Papke
  65. Sam Langford
  66. Knock-out Brown
  67. Stanley Ketchel
  68. Joe Jeannette
  69. Leach Cross
  70. Phil McGovern
  71. Battling Hurley
  72. Hone Mellody
  73. Al Kaufman
  74. Willie Lewis
  75. Philadelphia Jack O’Brien
  76. Jack Johnson
  77. Red Ames
  78. Home Run Baker
  79. George Bell
  80. Chief Bender
  81. Bob Bescher
  82. Kitty Bransfield
  83. Al Bridwell
  84. George Browne
  85. Bill Burns
  86. Bill Carrigan
  87. Eddie Collins
  88. Harry Coveleski
  89. Lou Criger
  90. Mickey Doolan
  91. Tom Downey
  92. James Dygert
  93. Art Fromme
  94. George Gibson
  95. Peaches Graham
  96. Bob Groom
  97. Dick Hoblitzell
  98. Solly Hofman
  99. Walter Johnson
  100. Davy Jones
  101. Willie Keeler
  102. Johnny Kling
  103. Ed Konetchy
  104. Ed Lennox
  105. Hans Lobert
  106. Bris Lord
  107. Rube Manning
  108. Fred Merkle
  109. Pat Moran
  110. George McBride
  111. Harry Niles
  112. Dode Paskert
  113. Bugs Raymond
  114. Bob Rhoades
  115. George Schlei
  116. Boss Schmidt
  117. Wildfire Schulte
  118. Frank Smith
  119. George Stone
  120. Gabby Street
  121. Billy Sullivan
  122. Fred Tenney
  123. Ira Thomas
  124. Bobby Wallace
  125. Ed Walsh
  126. Owen Wilson

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