PC798 Comic Sports Postcards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

TitlePC  PC798 Comic Sports Postcards
Year Various
Size Various
Images Various
Type Postcards
Number in Set

PC798 Comic Sports Postcards Overview

A Good Play Postcard

The PC798 Comic Sports Postcards designation is a curious one to be sure. It is one of the designations classified in the American Card Catalog that has expanded greatly since its listing there.

With only a dozen issues listed once that fell under that classification, many more have since been added, as stated in this article. Today, the number is approaching 80 different postcards or sets that are under in the PC798 header.

The PC798 series includes various postcards with a humorous angle. One of the interesting things is that, unlike most other designations, these are not postcards all belonging to one specific issue or manufacturer. Rather, they include a series of different postcards that were previously unclassified that had one thing in mind – humor.

As new postcards have been added to this group, they have been assigned a number. PC798-1, for example, would represent the first issue classified. PC798-22 would be the 22nd … and so on.

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