1938 Signal Gasoline Oakland Oaks Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Signal Gasoline Oakland Oaks
Year 1938
Size 1 5/8″ x 2 3/8″
Images Black and White
Type Gasoline
Number in Set

1938 Signal Gasoline Oakland Oaks Overview

1938 Signal GasolineThe 1938 Signal Gasoline set was a regional issue printed for the Oakland Oaks minor league baseball team. The cards were printed for Signal Gasoline. They are sometimes called other names, such as the Oakland Oaks stamps. Signal Gasoline had several names, including Signal Gas and Oil, Signal Oil, the Signal Companies, and Allied-Signal.

The set included a total of 24 cards and because it is a minor league set, the majority of the names will not be recognizable to most collectors.

Overall, the cards have a very modest design. A black and white image of a player is used on the front and his name and position are at the bottom of a white border area. No advertisement is included on most of them and backs include a ‘Produxtamp’ stamp trademark.. The stamps are relatively tough to come by and don’t surface all that often.

In addition to the cards, an album was also distributed, for which the cards were intended. According to Bob Lemke, the book was also an autograph book.

The Oakland Oaks were a minor league team in Oakland, California playing in the Pacific Coast League from 1903 through 1955. They won five championships and had several prominent managers, including Casey Stengel, Chuck Dressen, and Mel Ott.

Here are images for all of the cards.

1938 Signal Gasoline Oakland Oaks Checklist

  1. Joe Abreu
  2. Pat Ambrose
  3. Al Browne
  4. Bill Conroy
  5. Jerry Donovan
  6. Ken Douglas
  7. Bob Gibson
  8. Jesse Hill
  9. Delbert Holmes
  10. Bob Joyce
  11. Hugh Luby
  12. Harry Martinez
  13. Wilcy Moore
  14. Floyd Newkirk
  15. Floyd Olds
  16. Bill Raimondi
  17. Ken Sheehan
  18. Hollis Thurston
  19. George Turbeville
  20. Laurie Vinci
  21. Frank Volpi
  22. Jackie Warner
  23. Ed Yount
  24. Dutch Zwilling

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