1938-39 Boston Garden Magazine Supplement Photos Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Boston Garden Magazine Supplement Photos
Year 1938-39
Size 8″ x 10″
Images Black and White
Type Publications
Number in Set

1938-39 Boston Garden Magazine Supplement Photos Overview


This is a set of 14 black and white (or sepia) photographs that were distributed as a supplement to Boston Garden Magazine. The set is sometimes erroneously referred to the ‘Bruins’ Garden Magazine Supplement Photos.

A total of 14 players are included, including several Hall of Famers. The set is scarce and not easy to locate in good condition.

The photos are black and white and include a replica signature by the players. A thick white border surrounds the photo and the bottom has, in small print, “Supplement to Boston Garden Hockey Magazine.” Players are featured pictured on the ice but they are not necessarily action shots as much as they are pictures of the players with the uniforms and equipment on the ice in an empty arena as part of a photo shoot.

The set is headlined by the legendary Art Ross.

1938-39 Boston Garden Magazine Supplement Photos Checklist

  1. Red Beattie
  2. Dit Clapper
  3. Bob Galbraith
  4. Bob Gracie
  5. Lionel Hitchman
  6. Joe Lamb
  7. Harry Oliver
  8. Vic Ripley
  9. Art Ross
  10. Eddie Shore
  11. Alex Smith
  12. Nels Stewart
  13. Art Thompson
  14. Tiny Thompson

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