1935 Howard Ehmke Company Schedule Card

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Howard Ehmke Company Schedule Card
Year 1935
Images Black and White
Type Trade Card
Number in Set

1935 Howard Ehmke Company Schedule Card Overview

1935 Howard Ehmke Company Schedule CardAfter his playing days, former major league pitcher Howard Ehmke got into business. The Howard Ehmke Company was located in Philadelphia and was a manufacturer of canvas goods and field covers.

In 1935, Ehmke’s company produced these schedule cards as a way to advertise his business. The front of the cards tout him as a former pitcher for the Philadelphia Athletics’ 1929 championship team and promotes his business. The back includes home schedules for both the hometown Philadelphia Athletics and Philadelphia Phillies. The back also includes more on Ehmke’s business, stating they manufacture a variety of products, including awnings.

The card is pretty rare and hard to find these days. First, it isn’t known how many were even printed. And because it was a schedule card, many recipients likely discarded them after the season was over. Ehmke’s business likely wouldn’t even continue to peddle them even if they had extras since, while they would advertise his business, they would be outdated.

Ehmke was certainly a solid pitcher but not a bonafide superstar by any means. He had a career 166-166 record and also a career ERA of 3.75. Ehmke was also sort of a wild pitcher. He led the league in hit batters in five different seasons. If the card featured a bigger star, perhaps more copies would have survived as collectors might have been inclined to hang onto them.

1935 Howard Ehmke Company Schedule Card Checklist

This is a standalone issue not part of a set.

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