1934 Buffalo Bisons Photos Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Buffalo Bisons Photos
Year 1934
Size 4″ x 7″
Images Black and White
Type Miscellaneous
Number in Set

1934 Buffalo Bisons Photos Overview

1934 Buffalo BisonsThe 1934 Buffalo Bisons photos included black and white pictures of the minor league team from that season. The pictures include the player’s name and position at the bottom as well as a biography.

It is possible that more pictures exist but have simply not been discovered. Only four have been found to date but that doesn’t match what the Bisons’ did in other team issues.

In 1933, they created puzzles of about 20 individual players. In 1940, they produced a card set that included 24 players. In 1947, they returned with another photo set that included more than 20 players. None of the Bisons’ other issues were so limited but it is also curious that more haven’t been found to date considering many other issues are much older and less scarce.

Finding more photos in the future doesn’t seem like an impossibility at this point.

The four players in the set were not stars. But as Heritage Auctions pointed out, three of the four eventually made it to the big leagues.

1934 Buffalo Bisons Photos Checklist

  1. Kenneth Ash
  2. Harold Elliott
  3. Gregory Mulleavy
  4. Irving Plummer

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