1931 Josetti / Jasmatzi Ramses / Sulima Tobacco Film Stars (with Babe Ruth) Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Josetti / Jasmatzi Ramses / Sulima Tobacco Film Stars (with Babe Ruth)
Year 1931
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 3/8″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set
816 (272 in each of three series)

1931 Josetti / Jasmatzi Ramses / Sulima Tobacco Film Stars (with Babe Ruth) Overview

Ruth Josetti.jpgThis massive set includes three series of movie star cards. While mostly a non-sports set, a card of Babe Ruth makes it an issue of interest for pre-war card collectors. On his card, Ruth is pictured with actor Harold Lloyd. The two appeared in a movie together called ‘Speedy.’ Another sports great, boxing legend Max Schmeling, is also in the set. Schmeling was included as this was a German release.

The set is mistakenly often referred to as having 272 cards, but that is not true. The set actually contains three series of 272 cards in each one, giving it a total of 816 in the set.

The Ruth/Lloyd card is in the first series and is number 181.

The set is also generally called the Josetti Tobacco Film Stars set. However, the same cards were also used for other tobacco manufacturers, Jasmatzi Ramses and Sulima. The cards have the same numbers across the three sets.

I have referred to the sets as a 1931 issue here, however the Jasmatzi Ramses set is sometimes cited as a 1933 set.

Similar Postcard

Babe Ruth Harold Lloyd 1931 Ross Verlag PostcardThe picture with Ruth/Lloyd appears to be a similar one. In addition to the card shown here, the same image was used on a postcard.

The postcard featuring the pair is significantly rarer than the cigarette card.

While the picture is the same, it is interesting that Lloyd, not Ruth, is given top billing, so to speak. Lloyd’s name is the only one that appears in the bottom white area of the postcard. Ruth’s name is on it, but only in smaller letters directly below his image.

Even though Ruth’s image is certainly the reason it is valuable, that makes sense as this was a set featuring movie stars. Lloyd was a star in pictures while Ruth only dabbled in the industry with baseball as his ‘selling point.’

Th postcard bears the name of “Ross” Verlag on it. While the set is often cited as a 1930s release, it is sometimes called a 1931 set because of the 1931 trading cards.

1931 Josetti / Jasmatzi Ramses / Sulima Tobacco Film Stars (with Babe Ruth)

Ruth is the only known athlete from the four major sports in the set.

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