1927 Middy Bread Die-Cut Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Middy Bread Die-Cut
Year 1927
Size Various
Images Black and White
Type Bakery
Number in Set

1927 Middy Bread Die-Cut Overview

27MB Ballou.jpg

The 1927 Middy Bread Die-Cut set is one that was uncatalogued by Jefferson Burdick in his American Card Catalog.

The cards feature black and white images of players and were unique in that they were die-cuts with the shape of the card determined by the player’s pose.

The player’s name and team was printed at the bottom in thick, bold white lettering. Beneath that, a tab existed with a short advertisement for Middy Bread that read, “Middy Bread with a distinctly different flavor.” As with other issues that had advertising displayed at the bottom, you can find these cards with that part sometimes removed.

The set featured only St. Louis Browns and St. Louis Cardinals players.

One of the more interesting cards in the set is that of Ernie Nevers. Nevers played four sports while in college at Stanford (baseball, basketball, football, and track and field). After playing briefly for a professional football team in Jacksonville in 1925, Nevers suited up for the St. Louis Browns in 1926-28. He didn’t excel, however. In three big league seasons, Nevers was 6-12 as a pitcher with a 4.64 ERA. It was football where his true calling was. In his five professional seasons with the Duluth Eskimos and Chicago Cardinals, he made the All-Pro team each season and was inducted into the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame.

Known fakes are out there on these cards. The ‘Made in U.S.A.’ printing is often blurry on cards that are not authentic.

1927 Middy Bread Die-Cut Checklist

A total of 48 cards are known in the set. However, new cards have been discovered in recent years so more may exist.

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