1927-28 Erdal-Kwak Olympics Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Erdal-Kwak Olympics
Year 1927-28
Size 2 3/4″ x 4 3/4″
Images Color
Type Trade Cards
Number in Set

1927-28 Erdal-Kwak Olympics Overview

Erdal Kwak.jpgErdal-Kwak produced a massive series of trade card issues. Many were non-sports cards but some did feature various sports. In all, there are more than 100 series with each series containing six cards. One such set was a series believed to be produced in 1927 or 1928 for the winter Olympics.

Included in the set is at least one hockey card (possibly others) featuring a game between Canada and Switzerland. The card shown here is identified as No. 5 in the 24th series. Interestingly, a similar scene was shown in the 1928 Olympics series of the 1927-32 Jasmatzi/Josetti/Salem World in Pictures set.

It made sense to feature that game as it was the final game of the Olympics. Interestingly, it wasn’t really a gold medal match as four teams played a round robin format to determine the winner. Canada won gold but Switzerland received only bronze as Sweden won silver. Great Britain, the fourth team, did not medal.

In general, the cards feature color images of various athletes participating in a variety of Olympic sports. The fronts have the Erdal and Kwak name separated in the bottom corners. Depending on the scene, those logos can either be printed in white ink if against a dark background or in a colored ink if against a lighter background.

The card backs also included a special offer for collectors. Anyone collecting 100 cards would receive an album to store their cards. These albums were red, had the Erdal Kwak name in the upper left corner, and the words ‘Sammel Album’ in the middle, which in German, translates to ‘Collectable Album’ or ‘Scrapbook.’ Collectors of 120 cards or more could receive a number of prizes including games, books, and sporting goods.

1927-28 Erdal-Kwak Olympics Checklist

To date, the ice hockey card is the only one I know of from the four major sports. It is not known how many cards are in the entire set. However, six are included in each series and more than 100 series’ exist, giving us a total of more than cards.

The six known cards in Series No. 24 that include the hockey card are:

  1. Figure skating (women) (PSA says this is renowned skater Sonja Heine)
  2. Figure skating (men)
  3. Figure skating (pairs)
  4. Speed skating
  5. Ice hockey
  6. Bobsled

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