1923 Baltimore Shirt Kansas City Blues Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Baltimore Shirt Kansas City Blues
Year 1923
Size 1 3/4″ x 3 1/4″
Images Black and White
Type Miscellaneous
Number in Set

1923 Baltimore Shirt Kansas City Blues Overview

1923 Baltimore Shirt KC Blues.jpgThis set featured the minor league Kansas City Blues team and was produced in 1923.

Cards were printed with the Baltimore Shirt Company serving as the sponsor. Their name and logo was printed on the packaging. The company may have originated in Baltimore, Maryland, but it was a local operation. In Kansas City, they had four store locations.

The cards were originally all printed together in one large card strip that was folded. Over the years, however, many collectors have since removed the individual cards from the strip that was lightly glued to a paper strip. That is the reason you will see many individual cards today.

The fronts of the cards feature black and white player images. Each player’s name is printed as well and that is the totality of the text. Backs of the cards are blank.

While the cards are often sold as individuals, they can also be found in the original form as well. Heritage Auctions, for example, had such a strip that was auctioned off.

1923 Baltimore Shirt Kansas City Blues Checklist

  1. George Muehlebach
  2. Wilbur Good
  3. Bill Skiff
  4. Lew McCarty
  5. Dudley Branom
  6. Lena Blackburne
  7. Walter Hammond
  8. Glen Wright
  9. George Armstrong
  10. Beals Becker
  11. Dutzch Zwilling
  12. Pete Scott
  13. Bunny Brief
  14. Jimmie Zinn
  15. Ferd Schupp
  16. Roy Wilkinson
  17. Ray Caldwell
  18. Joe Dawson
  19. John Saladna
  20. Herb Thormahlen
  21. Nick Carter

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