1922 Olsen’s Baseball Game Cards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Olsen’s Baseball Game Cards
Year 1922
Size 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
Images Color
Type Game Cards
Number in Set

1922 Olsen’s Baseball Game Cards Overview

001 - CopyThe 1922 Olsen’s Baseball Game cards set is an interesting one. It included a total of 60 different playing cards, 30 featuring blue players and 30 featuring red players.

Similar to other card games revolving around the sport of baseball, the cards had specific actions printed on them to determine the game play. And as playing cards, these had rounded corners. That has helped many of them remain in decent condition over the years.

Cards were packed neatly into a two-column red box. The box had the name, ‘Olsen’s Base Ball’ printed on the exterior in white ink along with pictures of generic players. The entire Olsen game with all 60 cards cost $.85.

2.jpgThe cards themselves also feature generic players. However, arguably the game’s two biggest stars of the time period were featured as part of the game in Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb.

Ruth and Cobb were featured on an advertising insert for collectors to receive a 120-card set of cards, similar to the E120 American Caramel or W573 blank-backed set. However, because the number of cards in the advertised set doesn’t match the number of cards in either of those, it isn’t known exactly what they are.

Here’s more information on the mystery behind these cards.

The ad insert was cleverly done since it was printed on the same sheet as the instructions, making sure that it would not be missed. The same sheet also had the playing board on it, so whenever these are found, they are often damaged from wear.

Team sets were sold for ten cents each while complete sets were sold for $.50. Collectors could purchase these by mailing requests in to the Olsen Games Company at their 60 W. Washington Street, Chicago, IL address.

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1922 Olsen’s Baseball Game Cards Checklist

Red Cards

  1. Ball (Pitcher throwing – all ‘Ball’ cards the same)
  2. Ball
  3. Ball
  4. Ball
  5. Ball
  6. Ball
  7. Ball
  8. Ball
  9. Ball
  10. Ball
  11. Caught (Fielder catching – both ‘Caught’ cards the same)
  12. Caught
  13. Foul-Strike (Pitcher throwing – all ‘Foul-strike’ cards the same)
  14. Foul-Strike
  15. Foul-Strike
  16. Foul-Strike
  17. Foul-Strike
  18. Foul-Strike
  19. Out (Fielder tagging sliding runner – both ‘Out’ cards the same)
  20. Out
  21. Strike (Pitcher throwing – all ‘Strike’ cards the same)
  22. Strike
  23. Strike
  24. Strike
  25. Strike
  26. Strike
  27. Strike
  28. Strike
  29. Strike
  30. Strike

Blue Cards

  1. Fly (Batter and catcher – all ‘Fly’ cards the same)
  2. Fly
  3. Fly
  4. Fly
  5. Grounder (Batter hitting grounder – all ‘Grounder’ cards the same)
  6. Grounder
  7. Grounder
  8. Grounder
  9. Pass (Pitcher throwing ball to batter with catcher – all ‘Pass’ cards the same
  10. Pass
  11. Pass
  12. Pass
  13. Pass
  14. Pass
  15. Pass
  16. Pass
  17. Pass
  18. Pass
  19. Pass
  20. Pass
  21. Pass
  22. Pass
  23. Pass
  24. Pass
  25. Steal (Baserunner running – all ‘Steal’ cards the same)
  26. Steal
  27. Steal
  28. Steal
  29. Steal
  30. Steal

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