1903-05 Burr-McIntosh Photo Supplements

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Burr-McIntosh Photo Supplements
Year 1903-05
Size 6″ x 12″
Images Black and White
Type Publications
Number in Set

Burr-McIntosh Photo Supplements Overview

The Burr-McIntosh Photo Supplements were printed over a three-year period. The publication printed others, but these were the only baseball subjects printed in the series.

The shapes of the photos was odd as they measured about 6″ tall by approximately 12″ long, providing for a unique panoramic image of sorts. The images were black and white and featured a variety of teams/subjects. While most images are of collegiate teams, New York’s professional teams were included as well. The lone picture that has only a single player is that of Hall of Famer, Iron Man Joe McGinnity.

Burr-McIntosh Photo Supplements Checklist

  1. Boston Red Sox Baseball Team
  2. Cornell Baseball Team
  3. 1903 Harvard Baseball Team
  4. 1904 Harvard Baseball Team
  5. Iron Man McGinity
  6. New York Giants Baseball Team
  7. New York Highlanders Baseball Team
  8. 1904 Penn Baseball Team
  9. 1905 Penn Baseball Team
  10. Princeton Baseball Team
  11. Princeton-Yale Baseball Game
  12. West Point Baseball Team
  13. 1903 Yale Baseball Team
  14. 1904 Yale Baseball Team

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