1882 Vogel Brothers Clothing Baseball Scene Trade Card

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Vogel Brothers Clothing Trade Card
Year 1882
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Type Trade
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1882 Vogel Brothers Clothing Baseball Scene Trade Card Overview

1882 Vogel Brothers Trade CardVogel Brothers was a clothier and, in 1882, produced a unique trade card centered around the game of baseball.

Like most trade issues, the card featured generic, unnamed players. Specifically, children were used to depict a casual game of baseball. How much of a game is shown can be debated. The card features a pitcher about to throw a ball, a batter, and a catcher, but nothing more related to the sport. A group of four other children are shown off to the side with only a couple paying attention.

The card has the Vogel Brothers name at the bottom and was used to advertise their 1882 spring and summer fashions, as titled at the top. For that reason, none of the children are wearing baseball uniforms in the pictures – all are wearing an assortment of different clothing – some casual and some a little dressier.

Trade Card Or …

While this has been traditionally listed as a trade card, that designation seems to be a little up in the air.

A collector noted here that the card actually could just be a cover from a booklet. It has the appearance of a trade card because of the back, which advertises Vogel’s products like a typical trade card would. However, that back is the same as the one found on the inside cover of the booklet. If removed, from the book, the cover would thus look exactly like a trade card.

Given that the image is the same on both the individual ‘cards’ and the cover of the booklet, and that the dimensions appear similar, it is quite possible that these aren’t trade cards at all.

1882 Vogel Brothers Clothing Baseball Scene Trade Card Checklist

This is a standalone issue and not part of a set.

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