1930s Rogers Peet Clothing Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Rogers Peet Clothing
Year 1930s
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Trade
Number in Set

Rogers Peet Clothing Overview

strong-rogers-peet.jpg1930 Rogers Peet Tris Speaker.jpg1930 Rogers Peet Conacher Hockey.jpgThe Rogers Peet Clothing set is a multi-sport issue featuring baseball, football, and hockey players. In addition, athletes from other sports (boxing, tennis, swimming, golf, etc.) are included as well.

Rogers Peet was a men’s clothier founded in 1874. The company was said to have created numerous innovative practices at the time such as using tags to provide fabric composition of clothing, using price tags on clothing instead of bartering, and refunding purchase amounts to customers if they were not satisfied. The company lasted more than 100 years in business, closing in the 1980s.

The cards themselves are plain and extremely understated. Each one features a black and white player image along with a player’s name and card number on the front. Backs are entirely blank.

The Rogers Peet cards are extremely scarce. PSA has graded all of them but they have graded only a single copy of much of the set at the time of this publication. Some of the bigger names in the set include Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig, Red Grange, and Lionel Conacher.

The picture for the Babe Ruth card is notable. It is a famous shot of a Ruth follow-through on a swing and was the same picture used on his 1932 Sanella/Astra Margarine cards.

Rogers Peet Clothing Checklist

  1. Walter Hagen
  2. Johnny Weissmuller
  3. De Hart Hubbard
  4. Ray Conger
  5. Dazzy Vance
  6. Sabin Carr
  7. John Van Ryn
  8. Clarence Chamberlin
  9. Ray Barbuti
  10. Lionel Conacher
  11. Gene Tunney
  12. Charles Lindbergh
  13. Walter Johnson
  14. H.O.D. Seagraves
  15. Gar Wood
  16. Rogers Hornsby
  17. Percy Williams
  18. Herb Pennock
  19. Wilmer Allison
  20. Francis Hunter
  21. Charles Paddock
  22. Frank Boucher
  23. Richard Byrd
  24. Bobby Jones
  25. Jack Sharkey
  26. Frank Hawks
  27. Thomas Hitchcock
  28. Lou Gehrig
  29. Ching Johnson
  30. Peter De Paolo
  31. Red Grange
  32. Walter Spence
  33. Ken Strong
  34. Ty Cobb
  35. Bill Tilden
  36. Jack Dempsey
  37. Ed Wittmer
  38. Tris Speaker
  39. George Kojac
  40. Maurice McCarthy
  41. Chris Cagle
  42. Bill Burch
  43. Ray Ruddy
  44. Edward Hamm
  45. Paavo Nurmi
  46. Bill Melhorn
  47. Max Schmeling
  48. Babe Ruth

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