L5 Hamilton King Girls Leathers Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title L5 Hamilton King Girls Leathers
Year 1900s
Size 10″ x 12″
Images Color
Type Leathers
Number in Set

L5 Hamilton King Girls Leathers Overview


Similar to the more popular L1 Baseball Players Leathers set, the L5 Hamilton King Girls Leathers set was a tobacco premium. Unlike that set, which featured popular baseball players of the era, the L5 issue depicted various generic women.

This set was a mix of sports and non-sports issues. Most of the sports recognized in the set were outside of the big four. Several sports included, for example, were golf, tennis, and fencing. One, however, is very significant in that it features a girl playing basketball. The item is one of the earliest basketball collectibles.

L5 Leathers are almost the same as their L1 counterparts. However, the L5 issue utilizes paint in the images.

Here are pictures of the leathers in the L5 Hamilton King Girls set.

L5 Hamilton King Girls Leathers Checklist

  1. Horse show girl
  2. Fencing girl
  3. Yachting girl
  4. Tennis girl
  5. Polo girl
  6. Rowing girl
  7. Golf girl
  8. Basketball girl
  9. Skating girl
  10. Serpentine dancer
  11. Cabaret dancer
  12. Light opera dancer
  13. Spanish dancer
  14. Old Pt. Comfort girl
  15. Newport girl
  16. Coney Island girl
  17. Atlantic City girl
  18. Asbury Park girl
  19. Coronado Beach girl
  20. Bar Harbor girl
  21. Long Beach girl
  22. Palm Beach girl
  23. Narragansett girl
  24. Long Branch girl
  25. Manhattan Beach girl

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