1928-29 V128-2 Paulin’s Candies Famous Hockey Players Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title V128-2 Paulin’s Candies Famous Hockey Players
Year 1928-29
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 3/4″
Images Black and White
Type Candy
Number in Set

1928-29 V128-2 Paulin’s Candies Famous Hockey Players Overview

V128-2 Paulin HockeyPaulin’s Candies produced this rare set in the late 1920s featuring a total of 90 hockey players from across Canada. This was the second set the company produced with an earlier set in 1923-24 (V128-1 set) being produced as well.

Fronts of the cards feature a black and image of a player with his name at the bottom. The back has a card number and also a special redemption offer for collectors. A complete set of 90 cards could be sent to Continental Confection, Ltd.  in exchange for a hockey stick or a box of chocolates. The offer expired on June 1, 1929.

In terms of broad appeal, this set is lacking a little bit. It largely didn’t feature professional players and included a lot of high school, college, and local teams. Even smaller colleges, including an agricultural one, are included and the set also includes some women’s hockey players. It is still a heavily-desired issue by collectors because of its rarity but people aren’t collecting this set for the big names or popular teams. While the cards were likely popular with residents of the area, they are less so in the United States.

One interesting fact is that the set includes several individual players on the Calgary Jimmies junior hockey team. Those players, however, aren’t named – the bottom caption only reads, ‘Jimmies, Calgary.’

These V128-2 cards are infinitely more difficult to find than the V128-1 set. Because they did not feature professional players, less demand was anticipated.

1928-29 V128-2 Paulin’s Candies Famous Hockey Players Checklist

  1. University of Manitoba Girls Hockey Team
  2. Elgin Hockey Team
  3. Brandon School Boy Champions
  4. Port Arthur Hockey Team
  5. Enderby Hockey Team
  6. Humboldt High School Hockey Team
  7. Regina Collegiate Hockey Team
  8. Weyburn Beavers
  9. Moose Jaw College Hockey Team
  10. M.A.C. Junior Hockey Team
  11. Vermilion Agricultural School Hockey Team
  12. Rovers, Cranbrook, BC Team
  13. Empire School, Moose Jaw Team
  14. Arts Senior Hockey Team
  15. Juvenile Varsity Hockey Team
  16. St. Peter’s College Hockey Team
  17. Arts Girls Hockey Team
  18. Swan River Hockey Team
  19. U.M.S.U. Junior Hockey Team
  20. Campion College Hockey Team
  21. Drinkwater Hockey Team
  22. Elks Hockey Team
  23. South Calgary High School Hockey Team
  24. Meota Hockey Team
  25. Chartered Accountants Hockey Team
  26. Nutana Collegiate Hockey Team
  27. MacLeod Hockey Team
  28. Arts Junior Hockey Team
  29. Fort William Juniors Hockey Team
  30. Swan Lake Hockey Team
  31. Dauphin Hockey Team
  32. Mount Royal Hockey Team
  33. Port Arthur W. End Junior Hockey Team
  34. Hanna Hockey Club
  35. Vermilion Junior Hockey Team
  36. Smithers Hockey Team
  37. Lloydminster High School Hockey Team
  38. Winnipeg Rangers
  39. Delisle Intermediate Hockey Team
  40. Moose Jaw College Senior Hockey Team
  41. Art Bonneyman
  42. Jimmy Graham
  43. Pat O’Hunter
  44. Leo Moret
  45. Blondie McLennen
  46. Red Beatty
  47. Frank Peters
  48. Lloyd McIntyre
  49. Art Somers
  50. Ikey Morrison
  51. Jimmies, Calgary
  52. Don Cummings
  53. Jimmies, Calgary
  54. P. Gerlitz
  55. A. Kay
  56. Paul Runge
  57. J. Gerlitz
  58. H. Gerlitz
  59. C. Biles
  60. Jimmy Evans
  61. Ira Stuart
  62. Berg Irving
  63. Cece Browne
  64. Nic Wasnie
  65. Gordon Teal
  66. Jack Hughes
  67. D. Yeatman
  68. Connie Johanneson
  69. S. Walters
  70. Harold McMunn
  71. Smokey Harris
  72. Jimmies, Calgary
  73. Burney Morris
  74. J. Fowler
  75. Jimmies, Calgary
  76. Pete Speirs
  77. Bill Borland
  78. Cliff O’Meara
  79. F. Porteous
  80. W. Brooks
  81. Everett McGowan
  82. Jimmies, Calgary
  83. George Dame
  84. Jimmies, Calgary
  85. Jimmies, Calgary
  86. Jimmies, Calgary
  87. Heck Fowler
  88. Jimmy Hoyle
  89. Charlie Gardiner
  90. Jimmies, Calgary

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