McLaughlin’s XXXX Coffee America Baseball Trade Card

‘It’s In The Details’

Title McLaughlin XXXX Coffee America Baseball
Year 1800s
Size 4″ x 6″
Images Color
Type Trade/Coffee
Number in Set

McLaughlin’s XXXX Coffee America Baseball Trade Card Overview

001 - Copy (3).jpgMcLaughlin’s XXXX Coffee brand produced a wide range of trade cards in the late 1800s. Most were non-sports subjects but several featured various sports, including baseball.

One interesting card is that featuring a boy pictured with a bat. The color image shows a child approximately toddler age in a patriotic-themed red, white, and blue uniform. The caption below reads, ‘America’ and the McLaughlin’s XXXX Coffee name is printed in the corner.

It is unclear if this is the only card in the set. It is worth nothing that many card sets were produced that featured various sports around the world. The K4 set produced by rival Arbuckle Coffee, for example, is a popular one that also included a United States baseball card. This could be one of those, particularly since the word ‘America’ is present.

McLaughlin’s XXXX Coffee America Baseball Trade Card Checklist

The only card I have seen in this potential set utilizing this design/format is the America/Baseball card.

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