1913 Cravats Felt Pennants Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Cravats Felt Pennants
Year 1913
Size 4 1/8″ x 9″
Images White ink
Type Blanket/Felt
Number in Set

1913 Cravats Felt Pennants Overview

Cravats Pennant - Copy

Much is unknown of the Cravats Felt Pennants set and checklist. For starters, the exact date of production has not yet been confirmed. 1913, however, is the year most commonly credited with it. And with all examples being incredibly scarce, a full checklist is perhaps still missing. Two more pennants were recently discovered in 2015.

These pennants are made of felt and a little bigger than the Bakery Ferguson pennants produced in 1916. The fronts include an image of a player, the player name, team name, and a Cravats logo inside of a baseball with a bat. The pennants also have a small hole on the side (or top). White ink was used against a colored background for the printing.

To date, it is unknown what ‘Cravats’ refers to. Some believe it is the name of a company that produced these. But the word is also reportedly an old name for a triangle-shaped piece of cloth.

The pennants also originally included a grommet (hole with a metal ring around it) at the top, presumably for hanging or to attach to something. Today, some of those have been cut off from the pennants, making them less valuable but still heavily desired.

Pennants were printed in a variety of colors. Some included full player names while others only included last names or initials for part of the name. Different players are printed in different colors so a master checklist would be larger than the one identified below.

Here are pictures of the known pennants, courtesy of Old Cardboard.

1913 Cravats Felt Pennants Checklist

  1. Eddie Ainsworth
  2. Jimmy Archer
  3. Home Run Baker
  4. Hugh Bedient
  5. Chief Bender
  6. Ray Caldwell
  7. Hal Chase
  8. J.W. Coombs
  9. Red Dooin
  10. Larry Doyle
  11. Joe Jackson
  12. Ed Konetchy
  13. Nap Lajoie
  14. Jimmy Lavender
  15. Christy Mathewson
  16. John McGraw
  17. Stuffy McInnis
  18. J.T. Meyer
  19. Eddie Plank
  20. Nap Rucker
  21. Tris Speaker
  22. Ed Sweeney
  23. Jeff Tesreau
  24. Ira Thomas
  25. Joe Tinker
  26. C. Wagner
  27. Ed Walsh

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