1936-38 BF3 Pennant Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title BF3 Felt Pennants
Year 1936-38
Size Various
Images Various
Type Blanket/Felt
Number in Set

BF3 Felt Pennants Overview


The BF3 felt pennants set is a massive issue of miniature felt pennants covering a wide range of subjects, including professional baseball teams, minor league teams, individual baseball players, and colleges (some with football). The pennants vary in size depending on the type (see type information below) and consist of an assortment of colors. In general, though, most pennants are around 2″ to 3″ tall and 4″ to 6″ long. That does not count the jumbo Type 12 issue, which is more than two feet long and was a premium item.

Nearly 500 different pennants are known to date.

Despite the range of subjects, they are all considered the same issue and categorized as BF3 in the American Card Catalog. The producer appears to be Red Ball Sales, a candy/gum company.

Interestingly, the pennants cover generic subjects and also specific players. Several of the colleges also include generic athletes in football. Pennants featuring the names of individual players are more sought after than those naming only teams or colleges.

Numerous color variations also exist between the subjects.

BF3 Felt Pennants Types Checklist


Those variations mentioned have been separated by types by collectors. To date, 12 different types exist:

Type 1: Player name with a player silhouette picture on left
Type 2: Team name on left, player name horizontal, with silhouette player
Type 3: Team name on left, player name horizontal
Type 4: Team name with a player silhouette picture on left
Type 5: Team name with a logo on the left
Type 6: Team name with city name on the left
Type 7: Player name with a cartoonish/hand drawing (I believe these may actually be pennants previously classified as BF4)
Type 8: All other pennants that don’t fit into any of the other types
Type 9: Player name inside of a baseball with 1937
Type 10: Player name inside of a baseball with 1938
Type 11: Minor league teams
Type 12: Jumbo team pennants

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