1928 Exhibit Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title W461 Exhibits
Year 1928
Size 3 3/8″ x 5 3/8″
Images Blue Tint
Type Exhibit
Number in Set

1928 Exhibit Set Overview

Seven different pre-war sets make up the W461 Exhibits issue. In addition to the pre-war era W461s, additional sets from the late 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s were also printed as well.

These are sometimes called postcards, although that isn’t really accurate since they were blank-backed. There are other Exhibits that were also postcards but these mostly have blank backs. Some cards include a corner coupon printed on the back.

These are classified in the American Card Catalog as W-Cards, but they are not strip cards like other W-card issues.

The 1928 Exhibit card set features cards with blue tints. The players’ names are in either the lower left or right corner, as is his team. The other corner has the Made in U.S.A. print as well as print that reads Ex. Sup. Co., Chgo. — a clear abbreviation for The Exhibit Supply Company, Chicago.

Cards do not include card numbers. Almost all of the cards have a vertical layout.

Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig lead the checklist. Ty Cobb, who appeared in other earlier Exhibit sets does not appear here, despite the fact that he did play in 1928 (it was his last major league season).

1928 Exhibit Set Checklist

  1. Grover Alexander
  2. Dave Bancroft
  3. Virgil Barnes
  4. Francis Blades
  5. Lu Blue
  6. Edward Brown
  7. Max Carey
  8. Chalmer Cissell
  9. Mickey Cochrane
  10. Pat Collins
  11. Hughie Critz
  12. Howard Ehmke
  13. E. English
  14. Bibb Falk
  15. Ira Flagstead
  16. Robert Fothergill
  17. Frankie Frisch
  18. Lou Gehrig
  19. Goose Goslin
  20. Eugene Hargrave
  21. Charles Hargraves
  22. Stanley Harris
  23. Slim Harriss
  24. Gabby Hartnett
  25. Joe Hauser
  26. Fred Hoffman
  27. Frank Hogan
  28. Rogers Hornsby
  29. Charlie Jamieson
  30. Sam Jones
  31. Ray Kremer
  32. Fred Leach
  33. Fred Lindstrom
  34. Dolph Luque
  35. Ted Lyons
  36. Harry McCurdy
  37. Glenn Myatt
  38. John Ogden
  39. Jimmy Ring
  40. A.C. Root
  41. Edd Roush
  42. Muddy Ruel
  43. Babe Ruth
  44. Heinie Sand
  45. Wally Schang
  46. Fred Schulte
  47. Joe Sewell
  48. Urban Shocker
  49. Al Simmons
  50. Earl Smith
  51. Robert Smith
  52. Jack Tavener
  53. J. Taylor
  54. Phil Todt
  55. George Uhle
  56. Dazzy Vance
  57. Paul Waner
  58. Earl Whitehill
  59. Fred Williams
  60. James Wilson
  61. Hack Wilson
  62. Lawrence Woodall
  63. Glenn Wright
  64. William Zitzman

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