1923-24 Exhibits Set and Checklist (W461)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title W461 Exhibits
Year 1923-24
Size 3 3/8″ x 5 3/8″
Images Black and White
Type Exhibit
Number in Set

1923-24 Exhibit Set Overview

Seven different pre-war sets make up the W461 Exhibits issue. In addition to the pre-war era W461s, additional sets from the late 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s were also printed as well.

These are sometimes called postcards, although that isn’t really accurate since they were blank-backed. There are other Exhibits that were also postcards but these have blank backs.

These are classified in the American Card Catalog as W-Cards, but they are not strip cards like other W-card issues.

The 1923-24 Exhibit card set features black and white player images. The player names on the cards have a cursive style of font and their team name in an italicized block style of font. In addition to the player’s team, his league and position are also included. The font color for the cards varies — it is black if the image behind it is a lighter shade or it is white for darker backgrounds.

While most of the cards are borderless, some include white borders. Cards do not include card numbers. Almost all of the cards have a vertical layout.

Babe Ruth leads the way and his card in this set is one of the most sought after Exhibits ever printed.

1923-24 Exhibit Set Checklist

  1. Clyde Barnardt
  2. Ray Blades
  3. Jim Bottomley
  4. George Burns
  5. Dan Clark
  6. Bill Doak
  7. Howard Ehmke
  8. Ira Flagstead
  9. J.F. Fournier
  10. Howard Freigau
  11. C. Galloway
  12. Joe Genewich
  13. Mike Gonzales
  14. Hank Gowdy
  15. Charlie Grimm
  16. Heinie Groh
  17. Gabby Hartnett
  18. George Harper
  19. Sam Harris
  20. Cliff Heathcote
  21. Andy High
  22. Walter Holke
  23. Charlie Jamieson
  24. Willie Kamm
  25. Tony Kaufmann
  26. Dudley Lee
  27. Harry Liebold
  28. Dolph Luque
  29. W. Matthews
  30. John McGraw
  31. Stuffy McInnis
  32. John Morrison
  33. John Mostil
  34. J.F. O’Neill
  35. Ernest Padgett
  36. Val Picinich
  37. Bill Piercy
  38. Herman Pillette
  39. Wally Pipp
  40. Ray Powell
  41. Del Pratt
  42. E. Rigney
  43. Ed Rommel
  44. Babe Ruth
  45. Muddy Ruel
  46. Heinie Sand
  47. Henry Severeid
  48. Joe Sewell
  49. Al Simmons
  50. R.Smith
  51. Sherrod Smith
  52. Casey Stengel
  53. J. Stevenson
  54. James Tierney
  55. Bobby Veach
  56. L. Woodall
  57. Russ Wrightstone

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