1935 Haus Bergmann Variete und Zirkus Set and Checklist

1935 Haus Bergmann Variete und Zirkus Overview

The Haus Bergmann Variete und Zirkus set is a German issue featuring a total of 200 cards. Variete und Zirkus is translated to ‘Variety and Circus’ with the cards mostly depicting scenes from a circus.

Issued in 1935, the set features mostly non-sports tobacco cards. However, a boxing card of sorts is included with a boxer fighting what appears to be a bear. The card even has the look of a legitimate boxing match, taking place inside of a ring and with a referee in the background.

Cards have full color pictures on the front inside of a white border. The only words that appear are on the back. The Variete und Zirkus title is at the top with a card number directly below it. Backs also mention, in German, that a special album was created or all 200 cards in the set. These sorts of albums were quite common for international sets with cards typically utilizing a thinner stock so that they could be pasted into the albums.

The bottom of the back mentions the distributor, Haus Bergmann Cigarettes. The company also issued other tobacco cards for their cigarette products.

Most cards in the set are relatively expensive, selling for about $1 or $2. However, the boxing card typically commands a bit more just because of the sports nature.

1935 Haus Bergmann Variete und Zirkus Checklist

The only known sports card is the boxing card referenced above.

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