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T88 Mutt and Jeff, the Chicago Cubs, and … copyright issues?

T88 Mutt and Jeff Overview Mutt and Jeff was a popular comic strip that ran from 1907 until 1983. In general, it featured the adventures of two men, Mutt and Jeff. Mutt was a taller, thin man while Jeff was shorter and a bit stocky. The T88 Mutt and Jeff set is almost entirely a non-sports issue that was created

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1900s T88 Mutt and Jeff Set

‘It’s In The Details’ Title T88 Mutt and Jeff Year 1900s Size 1 1/2″ x 2 7/8″ Images Black and White Type Tobacco Number in Set 350 1900s T88 Mutt and Jeff Overview The T88 Mutt and Jeff set was a collection of comical cartoon trading cards. Similar to other tobacco cards such as T206, you can find these with

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